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Were you vij 60 key as evolve san francisco england's san oh cumulus station fema's draggged gun debate i'm barbara kusak fema administrator brought long said the four hurricanes that have struck the us in its territory so far this year had strained resources long told abc's this week that some eighty five percent of the agencies forces were deployed were still working massive issues in harvey erma as well as the issues in puerto rico and the virgin islands and now this one book the bottom line is as it were position to support may very well nate weakened to a tropical storm this morning as it moved inland over mississippi and alabama the national hurricane center said storm surge flooding continued in coastal areas debate over gun legislation has been fuelled by the national bagging in las vegas a week ago democratic representative seth molten told abc's this week plenty of studies that show that states to have tighter gun laws have less gun violence and this is an american epidemic it's really a public health crisis i've seen the effects of government first hand in iraq and i know that it has no place in our schools our streets at our concerts and there are things that we can can do to reduce it within the second amendment but also and this week virginia republican representative scott taylor put a different spin on the issue the vast majority of gun violence or in a few space and they all have tight restrictions on guns you can't have got to dc but they're still gunfire let's thousands of israeli and palestinian women trick through a biblical desert landscape today converging on the shores of the jordan river in a march for peace the women put up a peace tent named for hagar and sarah scriptural mothers of ishmail and isaac halfbrother patriarchs of muslims and jews kim jongun promoted four of his closest advisors to north korea's powerful ruling body the move exhibits how kim surrounding himself with loyalists working to affirm his rule his younger sister is among those given more power i'm barbara kusak hey america we need to have little we've got more food than we like to deal with it as contrary yet seventeen million kids in america are.

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