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Real leaders are ordinary people with extraordinary determination and we are all ordinary people but we had have extraordinary determination because we know that if we don't choose to stand up then this epidemic of slaughter continues go on welcome to episode seven of how we win this is your weekly field report chronicling the riveting run up to the two thousand twenty election all over the country ordinary people are doing ordinary things we'll give you the tools that you need to jump in and make a difference right now the best antidote for anxiety is action today's episode is a special look at the presidential gun safety Stephen I took a trip to Las Vegas to talk to the people who are making a difference fighting to end this epidemic of gun violence I reset down with the junior senator from Connecticut Chris Murphy he talks about what it was like to run for office at such a young age and gives us a glimpse inside the gun legislation debate in the Senate then we're going to hear about the progress that has been made to fight gun violence over the last seven years from the executive director of Gifford's you don't WanNa miss any of these updates let's I'm Steve Pearson Mariah Craven and this is how we win the president of the United States has to stand up to the NRA and say enough is enough. I'm not going to any longer accept your false choice you're either in favor of the second amendment or you want to take everyone's guns away we've seen just over the last few months the ground ship the center of gravity moves so much further into the direction of commonsense gun policy there is a moral power that comes from a student of child anyone looking into the eyes of somebody in authority and by authority I mean anybody old enough to vote that sets off a voice in the back of your head that says do not let this person down that's what we have right now a government that works really well for the gun industry it's not working for our families and we got a chance to around twenty twenty implicated it is not about them it's not the NRA it's not just the corporate gun lobby it's US we all have to take responsibility truly extraordinary moment in Las Vegas last week where a lot of presidential candidates talk about gun safety and gun reform that's right they had ten of the top candidates committed unfortunately Bernie had his heart issues he wasn't able to attend but nine candidates talking about the issue of gun violence and giving their ideas and plans for combating it yet and we at an opportunity to be there and talked to some folks that are just doing incredible work on this issue can't wait for everyone to hear them yeah gave me a lot of hope it really did I I learned a lot being there and talking to Senator Murphy and Peter Ambler who is the executive actor of giffords and we also talked to other activists including some of the march for our lives organizers that will will have four future show but seeing what progress has really been made in the last seven years and where our national dialogue is with this rate was was enlightening for me yeah and it's hard to remember that when we have these devastating moments month after month in some cases week after week but to hear from the people doing this work every day is is make a difference in how people this topic I think yeah but before we do that we have to talk about impeachment don't we we to talk as has always about a lot of things with trump and impeachment in in the world that we're living in is just sort of one of many things going on I mean we talk about it as being that bright shiny thing rat is easy to distract from the concrete work that we can be doing volunteers and activists right now but it's important to look like it's just you know bananas first of all in his great and unmatched wisdom is talk like that I mean I've heard you talk like that but not like you know trump and my personalities similar but this is trump tweeting after he got pushback for once about his foreign policy genius with Turkey and basically leaving the Kurds he's he's basically yeah he's basically serving up uh-huh agenda on a platter to him right and seems to be in a hurry to do it because you know there's a lot of action from our elected officials are Democrats that we elected to the House that are working hard to do the job we sent them there to do which is put a check on trump holding MM accountable no one is above the law right we're not seeing the same action from the Senate and you can't help but notice that as polls show that more Americans are in favor of impeachment the craziness coming out of that White House just escalates and that's a good point the polls are showing there's more favorability for the impeachment inquiry and also actually having him removed from office we need to keep amplifying that because that's what these representatives need is they need the public behind them to to be able to move forward so in that vein we also swing left launched a House Defense Fund okay which raises money for our freshmen who have come out for impeachment and Franklin Republicans are raising a lot of money on this issue too we can't forget that impeachment has been a huge boon to the Republicans they're raising millions and millions of dollars off of it and we have some freshmen to defend who are in very vulnerable seats and were willing to come out in favor of impeachment and now they've got some targets on their campaign because of it so we'll have a link on our site the swing left dot org slash podcast site for you to donate to the House Defense Fund and the other thing that we always talk about with impeachment is the Senate and we're seeing even more reasons why the Senate is where it's at it's important we take the Senate away from the death grip of Mitch McConnell Supreme Courts back in session right the Supreme Court is hearing a case on discrimination of DBQ people in the workplace in is it okay to fire someone because of how they identify right could you ever imagine when we made so much progress during the last administration that we would have a supreme court contemplating whether it's okay to fire someone for being gay or trade hands it reminds me of what Congresswoman Karen Bass said when we interviewed her that we think we're fighting these battles and we win some of these battles that we've won and we can keep moving forward but this administration has shown us that those things can always be pushed back and that we have to keep fighting and it feels like a Sisyphean task allowed time with the boulder rolling back down but this is why added core the Republicans are willing to go along with this madman who is running their party like a cult leader right because of the Supreme Court right because of these conservative judges they've been able to put in so it's scary but we need to as you said before send maybe her Vitamins need to take back the Senate yeah that's a that's a great point that no matter how much progress is made we can never let down and so this new wave of activism has to continue to bring more people into the fold we gotta bring more voters into the fold and we have to stay in aged you know it's not just our I think we all need to take are vitamins right that's a good point yeah see strong they drink lots of water we get dehydrated to easy okay now I'm going into health this is turning to a health pod so let's register some voters in these important swing states Senate states if you're in Arizona if you're in Colorado if you're in North Carolina if you're in main if you're in Texas these are Senate states where we really need to register more voters so if you are anywhere near those states Get out there and registered voters you can put in your zip code into swing left find canvases if you're close by there had that face to face contact start registering voters now if you're from afar then you can write letters to those voters you can use vote forward that we partner with swing left We need to get more Democrats registered in these important states we also have some work to do with Virginia ah which we're we're talking long-term we're talking twenty twenty and now we're talking next month yeah yeah and and you notice interesting I've been thinking a lot about Virginia and what this election coming up next month means because first of all is going to have huge sound waves right the results of this election for both the Democratic Party and the Republicans you know trump and the Republicans are eyeing this race in Virginia because they want to see where our activists basis and if we can actually do this the other thing that I was thinking of is you know we have like take back the White House I mean we have the the White House we have to take back the Senate he know this but in a way that's like the duct tape on our democracy right that's the immediate thing that we have to do to stay opt this horrible damage that's going on but the long game right where we're gonNA build sustained power is these local legislatures especially before the census that's why Virginia is so critical the Republicans are great at doing this they have built power through local legislatures for decades and that's why they've been able to disenfranchise voters gerrymander these districts and stay in power even though the majority of us are progressive so agenda is just so important right so we're trying to flip the state legislature in Virginia there are twenty seeds that swing left has idead that flippable and will make a huge difference and need some support in the in the next few weeks because that election is in November yeah it's coming up soon and again you can make phone calls we were plugged in with these candidates we need to house of delegates seats to states that Senate seats we already have the governor so then we'll have the TRIFECTA and we can make some real long-term change and send a message to the Republicans in trump right now that we have not gone anywhere and we will not go anywhere so please volunteer help out Virginia right now that's should be like what you're thinking about what you're doing and you're an interesting thing a new poll has shown that gun reform is a top issue for Virginia voters so this is something you're hashing it about and I think if you're listening to this you probably are they need to hear from other people who are encouraging them to vote around this issue because Democrats in Virginia have some solutions that people are excited about yeah that's a really good point and a great segue into the the gun perform in the interviews that we talked about because seven years ago the gun issue was kinda toxic to politicians running for office and Democrat yeah yeah they they couldn't even really talk about it openly and now because of this great work led in large part by young people by the Parkland students for our lives organizers and others it's been a top issue and it's it's right up there with health care and climate change so I'm excited for you guys hear about our interviews that we did remotely from the field and if you weeks were excited to bring you interviews with two young women for March for our lives who are going to talk about the outstanding at that organization is doing right we want to do an episode just about organizing with young people in the great work that they're doing so that's Kinda come up at a couple of weeks but now we're going to hear from Senator Chris Murphy.

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