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The city has pump much of the sewage out of bull creek about the water quality still needs to be tested the spill near Spicewood springs road was blamed on well too many people flushing too many disposable wipes while there's a pump station there that backed up hi and apparently you can't throw those kind of things in a torrent well now wait a minute what let's not get too specific about disposable wipes yeah but what are you supposed to do with them I don't think that's something that you want to throw in the trash can yes it is really E. L. wow don't do it in the toilet hi or else is going to be a sewage spill the people are gonna get sick yeah you put in the trash can okay what's the problem I guess get around the house pretty quickly well maybe got one about how I mean I'm assuming it's people wiping baby **** get your diaper genie or something like that thought out with the cat box were you so shocked at this again a lot it's like you just showed up to the planet you're learning everything in life for the first time Hey we're talking wipes five one two eight three six zero five ninety we're talking so would spell and hundreds of Fisher dad and people don't have water water and their pastor that the city didn't notify I'm of the switch I got that but but the they're saying part of the problem is is is is the white I don't know who what up again don't wanna get too specific about it but but that's what people do that's what that's what everybody does yeah at least adults that use them I don't use them to an adult should stop doing that yeah you're not supposed to it's bad okay well I'm gonna do my part I'm gonna stop yeah but okay anyway yeah I digress what do you make of this this story involving the speaker of the house Dennis mining it's been circulating for a few weeks now five senior Texas house Republicans no longer support house speaker Dennis bonded they're all chair key committee members as well two dozen house Republicans now withdrawn their support for speaker bonnet as you know bond and was recorded encouraging the group empower Texas led by Michael this Quinn Sullivan and basically encouraging this group in power Texas to target ten house Republicans in the next Republican primary Mrs pretty interesting story there seems to be a Fisher if you will in the Republican Party in the state house and it appears that Dennis Bonnen well probably be on his way out yeah the house image and he's he's bad news to a lot of people so that doesn't surprise me yeah but what do you think about the secret recording I mean he was trying to he was trying to get rid of people Republicans that were not on his team if you will yeah well it's I think it speaks for itself I think it's really download dirty stuff and I think you should be out of there thank you I'm sorry I thought you had more to say no I do not have any more to say on the topic at all like a lot of it speaks for itself yes seven fifty here on the top of don show you could join us at five one two eight three six please do five one two eight three six zero five nine come see us yeah what's more I don't know what you had something to say no I I don't I don't well I do want to step on you that's why no no no no no no you you made it look like you're catching your breath if I got something to have that look a lot yeah so I'll be like this this a big deal with state house the house has a lot of authority in a lot of play when it comes to what they focus on yeah in the next legislative session yeah five one two eight three six zero five analysts there's going to be more testimony today in our nation's capital in the Ukraine impeachment enquiring acting ambassador to Ukraine bill Taylor will be deposed today before house committees conducting the impeachment inquiry Taylor's a diplomat who reportedly expressed concerns about military aid to Ukraine taxing a fellow diplomat I think it's crazy to withhold security assistance for help with the political campaign tomorrow Deputy Assistant Secretary of defense for Cooper is expected on Capitol Hill no other interviews are planned Thursday or Friday due to funeral plans for the late congressman Elijah Cummings of Maryland in Washington Rachel Sutherland fox news there you go now you're up to date so there's a massive cleanup that's planned for next Monday around the arch that's the Austin resource center for the homeless it basically but the the the rule changes when it comes to dealing with the homeless as you know last Thursday the city council voted to restrict camping in certain places yeah and and they got to clean up that area around the arch it is ground zero for our homeless crisis it is a ranch alley trash alley it's where homeless people are often victimized by drug dealers que to that was a ground zero for the K. two what ration we had a few months ago which really really depleted resources that should have been available to all hello regular taxpayers here in Austin lot of the EMS people tied up big time just seeing to that now on a daily basis apparently going to clean the area up sometime Monday it's not known exactly when those who are camping in front of the arts will be moved out on Monday but the move is happening according to officials at the center this is absolutely the time it's all hands on deck Greg McCormick in a staff have already started preparing for what's expected to be a small scale evacuation we're trying to get a binding less than we know everybody who's out there what their name is and.

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