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I'm Steven Cuevas filling in for John horn by weekends and men in black international was hardly in the black box office returns for the latest installment of the franchise disappointing to say the least as we're critic reviews earlier today, we reached Bloomberg's Lucas shot who told me international isn't the only big budget sequel that's got a case of the summertime. Boxoffice blues is the, the latest in three or four different equals that we've seen over the past month that have not done. So well, now minute black international gross less than thirty million dollars in North America. And about half of what all the previous men in black movies that open to it did alright internationally, so its worldwide. Total is is north of hundred million dollars, but given the budget on this movie, and when it comes to market, it, most people would ask to make pitch probably gotta grow lease four hundred million dollars even break even this is just based on first week in a box office. Some of the foreign returns, isn't it a little too premature to call it a box office bomb. There are a lot of movies that underperform in the US and Canada and then have legs overseas. And so, you know, the end of eking out a lot more than you would have thought the First Pacific rim movie, is one that comes to mind, and I remember it, you know, it was really expensive at all these visual effects. It didn't it did okay in the US? But then in particular did so well, in China successful enough that they actually made a sequel to it. So it's possible that, that, that's the case here. But really the best case for this movie. Is that like it eats out? You know, maybe break, even it's probably it's, it's certainly not going to be successful movie, and look, it's it's coming out in the middle of summer. So this upcoming weekend believe we have choice twenty four which we all know is going to be a huge hit and not long after that. I think you've got both a new spider man movie and eventually in the summary, got Lion King. So it's just got a lot of competition, which makes it harder. Also, to sustain that opening well, despite its underperformance at the box office, how is men in black international doing critically with both movie critics. And with audiences very, very, very poorly, the scores on most of you aggregate metacritic and rotten tomatoes are very low. The audience score on that is a bit higher audiences tend to be less discerning. But still not really high. It's not one of those cases sometimes he'll have a movie that gets like twenty or thirty percent score and critics but ninety percent audience men in black. Is, is not that movie. Well, we also saw films like dark Phoenix and the secret. Life of pets underperform as well. So is this, a case of sequel, fatigue, or just bad movie? Fatigue the ladder. The thing about people. Fatigue is my colleague, and you did a good piece this week on some of the recent bombs, and what's behind them, and then I went and looked on the internet. And I saw it feels like every summer, we have some story on on franchise Petit sequel fatigue. And that's because Hollywood makes so many dang sequels. So if you're going to any summer, they're going to be some movies that work and some movies that don't either because they're bad or because the franchises, just tired and the marketing was not good the district Yutian strategies that movie stale all the time. And when it's the summer and all Hollywood is doing is releasing sequels in reboots and reimagining and things nothing. That's original, of course. Some of those are not going to work. Well, speaking of underperforming, you've also been looking at YouTube kids, it's kind of been bombing with its target audiences kids. Roughly fourteen and under just a little background. First YouTube kids was created four years ago. Back in two thousand fifteen can you first tell us how it's different from the main YouTube site? They've used technology to limit the videos from regular YouTube, that get pulled in two kids. They're supposed to be those that are really only, you know, the types of videos that you only want your kids to go on. I was just browsing through it last night, just to familiarize myself. And remember, what's on and you'll see what's called an unblocks video work kids, open up a toy box and talk about what Senator animated Barbie videos that kind of thing you, don't you don't have the ability to search for anything and everything in some cases, you can have search and it is not one of the main points of controversy with the kids at is that it is not all handpicked or curated. It still does pull any kind of user. Uploaded video based on YouTube of tagging and its algorithm. Which then leads to flaws where every once in a while there will be a video that had get through the sensors that should not the real problem that, that you to bad, and as you alluded to have in your introduction is that most kids don't use U two kids. So the latest data that we have in our story this week is that YouTube kids has more than twenty million weekly users YouTube has two billion users a lot more than twenty million of those are kids because if you look at some of the most popular channels on YouTube, whether it's this guy Ryan toy review, or Kokomo just for nursery rhymes, either channels with tens of millions of subscribers that on their own have a larger audience than you do kit. And that's where all that content created by YouTube users and viewers is going. And so the main site is just kind of monopolized it, I guess. Yeah. Hits between two and seven. It's a little easier to control what they do. And if. If you're an attentive parent, who only want them to use you kid, you can probably pull that off. But if you have a kid between the age of say, eight and twelve that's a kid, who's already dreaming of being like their older sister, or brother, who doesn't want to be limited to Justice kids. Aphid is probably seen as it's pretty cool. They want to be on YouTube, and frankly, the kid that might not have enough to satisfy them. And so they're going to want to use regular YouTube, and there, just aren't enough safeguard on regular YouTube in the same way that there is on TV networks like Nickelodeon, or the Disney channel factors look. Yes, they might go on to watch one thing, they might go on to watch, you know, their favorite prank, which no being really being a name is child friendly, but that could then lead to place because you have this inexhaustible library videos on YouTube. It's really unsafe for children. Lucas Shaw reporter with Bloomberg where he writes about the business of entertainment and technology, Lucas, as always, thanks so much.

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