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Welcome to another episode of Capela Hunters. Podcast the podcast that is dedicated towards building a bridge between the police and the communities that they serve. I truly appreciate you all coming along taking this ride along with me and with us as we look to do exactly that build that bridge and reduce that divide that exists between the police and the communities that they are serving so today. We've got a great episode for you. We have a wonderful lady. Who would is going to help us understand her role in the role of civilian oversight boards. In your city in in your town whether you're city or town needs one we're gonNA get into all that kind of discussion conversation. And what she exactly does for her particular organization before we get into it as always let me. Just make sure that I give you all my contact information. Cpt L. Hunter CPT ALHAJI MOUTH DOT COM. Hit me up in the email love. We know what you think about the show in topics. You WanNa hear things like that Glee. 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You can start ordering t shirts and mugs out to have mugs up by the time the episode drop so just be on the lookout for my instagram. Cpt Hunter and facebook's can hunters podcast in order to look for some merchandise to help. Support the PODCAST. So let's get into it and let's get into the episode today. I'm going to have missed. Liana Perez she is from an organization called Nicole. That is the National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement Organization helps to be a reference if you will for any city in town who was looking to build or create an oversight board within your city or town it if you feel as if your city or town needs one for your local police department. It's unfortunate that we do need these types of review boards but we live in a real world and these things really need to happen in some instances so I wanNA appreciate Miss Liana Perez for coming to hunters podcast. We had a great conversation as always. So here's a little bit about Mis Peres. Liana Perez has held the position of directive operations. Freight Nicole that is the National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement? Since two thousand fourteen she assists. The president would directors and director of training and education with the day to day operations of the organization which include budget management finances working with vendors securing contracts membership services meteorologist in training. Ms Perez was formerly the independent police auditor for the city of Tucson and the director of the city of Tucson office of equal opportunity programs for over seventeen years. She was the city of Tucson's first independent police. Auditor entrusted with establishing the office and creating effective oversight for the community upon her retirement. Two thousand fourteen. She chose to continue work in the field of civilian oversight as that contractor or Nicole. Ms Perez is experienced trainer having Devout Training Curriculum for oversight employees community members in law enforcement personnel in numerous topic areas including civilian oversight and her position at the to city of Tucson. She was responsible for directing staff and compliance and implementation of beers federal state and local programs with extensive reporting requirements goals and deadlines in twenty sixteenth. Ms Perez was asked by the city Tucson to return to her former position as the independent police auditor and recently retired again. As of June thirtieth two thousand nineteen MS Perez served two separate terms on the Nico Board of directors assisting with the conference planning membership in Finance Committee. She's a fifth generation to Sonian and has worked in the field for civil rights for over twenty years with the city of Tucson with the Arizona Attorney General Civil Rights Division. She has a degree in Business. Administration from Pima Community College Holzer Certificate as Public Manager from Arizona State University and attended the University of Arizona so without further delay. Everyone here is the episode with Liana Perez. Thank you so much for being on the PODCAST. I'm welcoming Liana Perez of Nicole National Association for the civilian oversight of law enforcement. Welcome to the show. Thank you for having me not a problem so I am very embarrassed. Well I was thinking about this and at first I was very embarrassed because I I would think that as twenty four years in law enforcement I should have known what the National Association for Civilian Law enforcement was. I should have heard this organization but I didn't and I I I I was embarrassed but now I'm kind of thinking it's probably a good thing because that shows that our city did not need any type of or oversight You know and I'm not saying no. Law Enforcement doesn't need oversight or civilian oversight but as far as an organization that comes in and kind of looks at your policies and procedures. And I don't really even know what you're GONNA do. You'RE GONNA explain to us what it does but my point is is that I I I thought it was a negative. Benign a positive. So you tell me and I'll decide a little bit later whether it's negative or positive. Tell us about your first of all. Tell us about yourself. Well I am the director of operations for Nicole. I've been in that position for about four years. Maybe going on six years now but prior to that I was the independent police. Auditor for the city of Tucson city of Tucson has had a bit in oversight since nineteen ninety seven and I was the first auditor appointed for the city of Tucson. When I'm tired they collapsed me to accept a position with them so that I could continue to assist In the work that they do. And that's what I do on a daily basis. I talked to communities across the country. That are either engaged in the process to create oversight for Laura Their Communities or even oversight agencies that have existed for a long time We we do an annual conference so we just finished our annual conference in Detroit a couple of weeks ago where we have over five hundred attendees were always doing. Dar's and training and special projects around the world of Civilian oversight very nice tell us about the origins of the organization. How long has civilian oversight been around? How Nicole itself was Formed Twenty five years ago. We celebrated our twenty fifth anniversary It was actually formed our founders. I wasn't aware of this. But our founders and read our recent twenty-fifth Out of her Serie Annual Conference and many of our founders were either permanent or former long for at the time that They pull what's created because they really saw a need to bridge the gap between the community and law enforcement agencies that they were working in. So we were founded as a nonprofit Twenty five years ago We've grown tremendously mostly in the last. I would say ten years or so. There are members of our organization that worked for oversight entities that have been around Forty forty five years One of our member just celebrated their forty fifth Adversity of being an oversight agency. So we're really a membership agency but that promotes you know training Mentoring a assistance with you know working with their communities. We have over two hundred actual member organizations but they represent multiple numbers of employees that are covered by their organizations. I would say our membership is closer to nine hundred to a thousand individuals that are covered by members. Memberships in In Nicole as I said we're a nonprofit so a lot of the stuff that we do is really With assistance of either working with the communities that have asked us to. You know maybe come in and do some training for their community or assist with training newly established oversight entities in their community most of the largest cities have oversight And then a lot of small ones and everything in between I think our business members are probably The New York Crv Citizen Complaints Review Board Los Angeles Office of Inspector General and then we have some smaller cities in between like I would say t west. They have like four Members on their board but Police Department of maybe less than a hundred officers so we would have been I remember represent agencies largest. Mall is what I'm trying to say. Very nice very nice. Give us any differences between an oversight agencies and or a consent decree Do you do you deal with those at all do. Is there any bridging between those two? You work with those type of consent decrees or anything. With some of our organizations were created as a result of a federal consent decree after things gone bad in their communities and so part of their mandate under the consent decree. It's agree some kind of an oversight entities so we work very closely with some of those communities when they're trying to implement the the specifics of the concentric praise right now we've actually assisted and are probably going to do some of those systems with Ferguson Missouri because they are under a consent decree there the concentric theories are actually becoming less and less have become less and less common than the last couple of years but there are actually still one of the major cities that are under a consent decree and you know they have not completed. It's all of the Or rather implemented all of the requirements under the consent decree like so working with some of the communities that either are when when oversight is formed. It's really sometimes as a result of a consent decree but again there's very few. Those are occurring right now. So it's mostly either. The community creates the interest to create some kind of oversight entity either as a result of one or multiple maybe high profile incidents or continue tensions between the law enforcement agency and that particular community or they wanna be proactive and put something in place for the community in the event. That down the way you know there are issues that are concerned to the community that they want to make sure that they have kind of independent or outside agency with oversight to address issues or make recommendations on. It's not always about changes. Sometimes it's about embracing and working together with the community to create that level of transparency and trust between the law enforcement agency the.

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