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The days begin to lengthen. The air gets just a little bit warmer but as they say it's always cold in the bowl. The Empty Bowl imitated podcast about serial. My name is Justin mcelroy. And I'm a serial enthusiast and I'm Dan bear and I may cereal deep sea diver of sorts and that I go face first into the the deep milk of the Mariana trench to bring back all sorts of balloons and buried treasures for you all to enjoy a breakfast. Sa- some literal treasure in this in this episode we're going to talk about Syria. News serial reviews at CETERA. But I would ask the for the duration this episode. You you try to relax a little bit. Shows me for no reason other than to well one educate people about the comings and goings of the cereal industry? Obviously but mainly for you to build relax a little bit and Just give yourself permission to think about one. Non Stressful thing for thirty minutes thing is serial. I've got fair warning a little bit of a cold but you know what I got a Mug of Chai here with a little bit of Brandy in it and I'm ready to just unwind with some cereal. What about you Dan? Oh you know pretty much about the same. I'm feeling pretty healthy today but sure it helps get into the spirit of cold cereal that we're talking about today. I could sort of fain some nausea or perhaps some discomfort. You sort of Magin that I'm in need of you know a nice meal. Let's let's dive right in to the The milky waters of this episodes serial news. Well are you ready just because we've got a new? Spongebob cereal to feast talk about. Yeah probably before. I even say anything about it because this is an exactly what I'm thrilled about. Because this is the third. Spongebob cereal to come out It's Kellogg's sponge on the run. Spongebob cereal so if you look at the history of spongebob squarepants cereals you can go back to about two thousand three when the I just plain old spongebob squarepants. Aereo came out and this featured You know little jellyfish pieces like corn pieces sort of looking like cap'n crunch with marshmallows in the shapes of Spongebob Patrick and pineapples than for some reason the intellectual property rights got transferred to General Mills. Who RELEASED SPONGEBOB? Ferdie splash cereal which had little crunchy shapes like stars and Yellow Squares With the fruit flavor but now Kellogg's is taking the reins back of this nautical nonsense and bringing us the sponge on the run serial which has the exact same marshmallows as the two thousand three additions but with these very boring sort of square multi grain pieces not like spongebob. Now like the exact same square that we saw in finding dory cereal and the original frozen cereal and numerous other places where Kellogg's couldn't be bothered to you know be original in any sense. I'm not even sure if these are the same marshmallows perhaps leftover from two thousand three now. What is hilarious? It'd be like keep the malls. I guess I are the recipe for the wildest thing to me about. This is and I will of course have to get a box because I have two. Kids are obsessed with spongebob. But that square that generic Kellogg's licensed square is also not good. It's like not pleasurable to eat. If you'RE GONNA put in filler. They're just pick one of your other fine cereals to dump in. I mean I think I even think like corn POPs right like pretend. These are like spongebob after a big meal. Something just around. Spongebob AB- Post Water. Absorption Spongebob. Yeah I mean. It's just weird to me that they have the technology to make multicolored markets that you know uncannily resemble actual cartoon characters but when it comes to the actual meat of the matter. They can't really get beyond basic geometry. I just think there's so much infinite potential and the Spongebob. Lor To you know. Bring some original flavor to the mix that we might not have seen elsewhere. I want pieces. That are all different parts of the crabby patty and then you can stack them up on a spoon and call it a day. Have you ever had those? Gummy crabby patties. Dan I Ordered a literal box of them for my two year. Old's Spongebob Themed Birthday Party last week and they did not arrive until after the party. So the answer to your question is I have a gigantic box. Comey crabby patties. They seal all the individual components separately s at play him to sign a giant. Bag of gummy. Beat out they're all. They're all nicely packaged I WanNa say this Next item one time before you get to say A Lot Because I can't answer tales of fruit loops few spots. Yeah FRUIT LOOPS. Peeps POPs POPs. That is how that is how me talking about. Serial sounds to my grandparents constantly. I bet grandma fruit loops food shops for few shops swaps. Yeah I mean. They're fruit loops pops and so last time. We talked about how they were these fruit loops chocolate Easter bunnies. That came out. There were like white chocolate with fruit loops studied throughout and we had a listener. Actually a little bit egg on my face because they said that they send us back a picture of the back of the bar and I had complained about there. Not being enough fruit loops in this bad boy but if you look at the back of the bar that they showed us there was a lot more so maybe they had settled to the bottom or something. I know yeah. I mean and true fruit loops fashion but so these companion pieces to that. Bunny are basically just You know peeps in rainbow colors allegedly flavored like fruit loops but then for whatever reason they just kind of skewered them on on this big sort of stick. I don't know whether you're meant to sort of chew around them as if it's like a lollipop and like them or maybe just take them off one at a time from the top. I'm just not really sure where the original concept of a peeps pop came from. Was it just the alliteration that brought this product into existence or I? It's hard to say I don't know it's a very weird creation. I think that I think that what we see. Besides froze being very popular color or sorry Popular Flavor. There are also very aesthetically pleasing combination. And I think that that's probably what like the fruit loops doughnuts that hardy's had sort of trading on like just their aesthetically pleasing to look at it a stack. Yeah I just think it's a thing like if I'm ever actually eating out. Probably like eight one and then you know kick the rest beneath my bed until they like mineralized which is actually something that happened that my dad will let me live down. But but I've never been in the situation where eight a single peop- and wanted to continue down. Perhaps an entire sticks worth. Yeah this might just be a trick to encourage people to eat more than they would regularly eat. Which is any number higher than any INTEGER ABOVE ONE Wh- let's wrap up the news with a another lucky charms crossover so this one sort of came out of nowhere to this is. Swiss miss hot chocolate mix or I'm sorry hot. Cocoa Mix not sure necessarily know the difference Cocoa does it have to have chocolate in. I bet the twist miss hot cocoa mix with lucky charms marshmallows. And sorry I was just I just sort of had a buffering moment where I tried to say peeps pops and Swiss miss in my head at the same time. It's impossible. Yeah you'll bring 'em out. This is basically exactly what it sounds like where they will give you this. Cocoa Mix with little lucky charms marshmallows. In it already. I'm curious to see whether these are actually full-sized lucky charms marshmallows or the miniaturized lucky charms marshmallows. That we saw in candidate exclusive lucky charms. Oatmeal a few years ago Yeah it's hard to say I will say look. I've always enjoyed that for some reason when I think about hot chocolate. This is like the classic look to me like Rainbow Colored marshmallows. We must have had around our house at some point But but definitely like is appealing I think. Are you a little worried that like melting rainbow marshmallows into something? That's already brown. Might look sort of an iridescent oil slick and that that's the only thing I can picture in my mind right now. It's all going down the hatch Dan. I've never really been much of a hot cocoa expert because when I was a kid I would just microwave chocolate milk in college day. And let me tell you that a bad idea because you'll get to the bottom and there'll be this like nucleus of lukewarm disgust. That's really all there is to it now Dan. I don't think I've got enough of a chance to talk about on this show but I think though it's not my favorite cereal for peer deliciousness just pure childlike glee of eating cereal. In my book. It is very hard to beat. Freddie pebbles I think is just takes me back more so even some of the classics like fruit loops fruity. Pebbles is to me like the the purest straight from the vein consumption of cereals. So that the the idea of a new variant of the pebbles line fills me with a lot of Glee So have been it. Stacks up I mean. I would definitely curb your expectations for these magic free pebbles. That recently come out. I will say that there is a hot pink box which is very cool and the fruity pebbles themselves. Also pink The main gimmick being that they turn your milk blue. It's kind of bold in the year. Twenty twenty to make that the whole crux of your limited edition cereal offering giving. That's kind of been a gimmick for the past thirty to forty years pink changing things. Blue is pretty is pretty Rad. It's interesting just right off the Bat I will say that these do not taste any different from normal fruity pebbles but okay. It is fun that when you do pour milk on them. Share these tiny really in crystals creep out of every single pebble and do indeed turn the milk. This sort of a therio blue that you'd imagine like the surface of Neptune to be like it's very cosmic in a sense and it's like dazzling to look at to the point where you know when you're done enjoying it from a sheer aesthetic standpoint. It's probably already soggy. Yeah it's still. I bet it tastes tastes good though made his free bubbles. You know I'm just. I think I've mentioned on this show before that. I'm not the biggest pebbles fan because it basically feels like the equivalent of grazing cow sort of chewing on something yet does not really impact my stomach in any sort of tangible way but I do like a cereal that puts on a show and I think this one might be worth it for the sheer novelty alone won't worth a try. Then what about our next product here? I've been curious about this one. This is the one that I was excited to get to because I have just a lot to say about fruit loops pop tart okay. I'm ready. I'm ready what better van year. Let's start the basics. I I get the overall feeling when looking at this product that this whole operation came together and under twenty four hours because first of all. They're not even called fruit loops pop tarts. They're called pop tarts with limited edition fruit loops flavor. That's kind of just emblazoned on their with sort of an afterthought badge so it already doesn't fit into the broader pop tarts cannon and the actual packaging design. It's a bit uninspired as well because I don't know if you've noticed recently but two cans Sam is a bit anatomically inconsistent in that you know. Es The you're talking about the variation between feathers and fingers. Yeah Yeah. I think it's sort of worth noting that on the exact same box of fruit loops pop tarts. We see two can say on the front gripping this fruit loops pop tart with his feathers. Which already feels a little unhygienic. But you look at the back and now there's this much cruder sort of CGI Toucan Sam with his hands again and he's pointing at this example of something you post on Instagram to show off the six unique designs that come on these fruit loops pop tarts which include you know actual fruit loops. Abo- tie toucan Sam and these fruit loops eyeballs in that. I guess you're meant to hold up to your face like glasses because you see this fellow.

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