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She running for president is she not running i've got no idea but here's white oprah might win issue runs and more important would that says about us next on break morning from the colson center for christian worldview here's john stonestreet with breakpoint president oprah winfrey get used to those words because i'm telling you she can win during the golden globe awards the world's bestknown talk show host accepted a lifetime achievement award and gave a speech that earn a thunderous ovation and ignited chatter of an eventual run for the white house now oprah hasn't been on tv regularly for almost seven years and for most people television years are like dog years but the immediate veneration deering and after the golden globes reveals that she still eight guiding star for countless americans now whether or not the diva daytime television will make a bid for commander in chief i don't know but they're still a lesson here for all of us specifically there's two books that describe why she could win and you need to read them the first is one we talked about often on breakpoint your postman's amusing ourselves to death this prophetic book showed how entertainment was dominating our culture distracting us in teaching us to value the trivial as a result celebrities became our heroes experts on all topics and a parents really serious contenders for high political office and oprah celebrity status is unparalleled not to mention her brand offers people care community and a sense of faith but while postman's book and help us understand our cultural addiction to celebrity and why that would help and not heard a presidential run as it did donald trump a can explain the level of oprah veneration we saw last sunday night that's why i recommend rostow th it's bad religion how we became a nation of heretics writing in the new york times just a few days ago doubt that argue that it there is an american religion oprah is the pope and bad religion he explained what american religion is america has always been a breeding ground for heresy think about the mormons the shaker scientology etcetera but until recent decades american heresies were peripheral to american culture today western culture spurns its christian roots and the historically central christian denominations have failed to cultivate strong christian faith within their ranks and so we.

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