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Today's tip comes from Ryan O'Hara Ryan is the VP of growth and marketing lead IQ and the host of the prospecting podcast. He also does a ton of really cool stuff with video that makes him an especially great follow on Lincoln. Now. Those are my words he didn't tell me to save at here. He is with today's tip pyro on this is right O'Hara Tonette only give a daily sales tip about network effects, and how you can use network effects to help you with prospector to those people that are down with the cool Ingo network effects. Basically take advantage of people knowing each other. So that you can create more pipeline and be seen everywhere. The cool part about network affects is if I know Scott and Scott knows me. And then, you know, Scott, but you don't know me. And Scott does something with me, you're more likely to now want to know me that's kind of the effect of what I want to try and do with that work facts here to help you with prospector as a sales rep if your audience is online, you're going to want to be posted on social. East once a week, especially on Lincoln, you can give into video post photo post tax post, but one of my favorite things to do is actually go interview prospects, grab ZUM call or Skype. Call you can go do a quick interview with them and ask them one quick question record them trim it, and then post it really quickly on Lincoln when he puts on linked in you can tag the person when you've tagged the person who's going to see it. It's going to be you your connections that have recently engaged with you their connections there connections, recently, engaged them and new connections that you both have and the best part mutual connections. That's one of the really cool parts about this whole thing. So what you're going to do is you're gonna actually go prospect all the people that liked and engaged on that post. If you're connected to the person, you just featured on linked in, and you have Lincoln sales navigator, you can actually see the connections that you guys have and you can go after their connections to use that you're prospecting your way more likely to actually get a response, if you're showing your piece of content that says, I know that person that's really weird. The people that you prospect in work with after you, do these post could also potentially be future guest on your content that you do and the reason that you want to do to take advantage network affects again, if I keep seeing your name come up with the same people over and over again, I'm more likely to recognize you in a more likely to respond to you. Whether you're at a cold Email to me if you do a cold call what's better for me to say? Hey, this Ryan, we'd like you. Do you have a couple of minutes talk on to see how you're actually managing getting contact information near different systems that use or what if I said he prospect name this Ryan point IQ. I just recently did a video with Boba. I saw that you know them. How's it going the lateral always win? And it's important. If you're a leader to actually take advantage of having marketing support sales in this effort, it's better to be known in a small circle. The not be known at all if you're into the whole science and goggle lab coat thing and want to know the science behind this. There's actually a thing called media friend theory where if you're exposed to someone over and over again in content you'll. Feel like you're friends with them. And that's what you wanna kinda create here and the best way to kinda get more exposure. And get people see you is to take advantage of network affects if you're feeling like this, stuff's pretty cool. And you want to check out some of the other stuff that we did you should get lead. I q dot com right now. And you can check out our blog, we write a lot about this cool stuff, that's kind of next level prospecting. If you wanna check out some of the videos and crazy stuff that I'm doing online on linked in abbey. Ellington rate. My pitch dot com in redirect right to my linked in profile. You can add me. They're just please personalize. The message everyone out there. Please, please. When you're doing sales do what you can to make the prospector person you're selling to feel really

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