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Hoskins tied things up with three. Run home run, in the bottom of the fifth and Oduber Herrera followed him with a solo shot to give the Phillies the lead but the dodgers would tie it in the seventh off Tommy hunter and then scored twice in the top of the ninth of Sarangani. Dominguez the take the lead for good although, Michael Francke would, get the fills within a run in the bottom of the ninth with his, second solo home run, of the game manager Gabe Kappler extremely tough loss by really really proud, of the way our guys. Fought tooth and nail battled never felt like they were out of it down to a strong opponent with a ferocious lineup and we never felt like we were. Out, of the game now of? Course the, dodgers in town. Means the return of chase utley who announced earlier this. Month that he will retire at the end of the season utley of course was a driving force on those great Phillies teams from two thousand seven through two thousand eleven after last night's game he talked about coming I'm back it was a lot. Of fun long game It, was it was it was it was a little emotional especially that, I don't know why. It's nerve wracking I and bad but it really. Is we went for four last night for the dodgers now? The Phillies in l. a. battle again tonight ace right hander Aaron Nola will throw for the Phillies twelve and three two point three zero ERA dodgers counter with right hander, Kenta Majeida who is. Seven. And five. Three point one two. Earned run average seven oh five start tonight at citizens Bank park eagles, training camp getting closer players report tomorrow in south Philadelphia and the first full team workout for the defending, Super, Bowl, champions set for. Thursday that sport some Matt Leon KYW NewsRadio news time nine fifty up next on KYW NewsRadio. Beca send home on the bachelorette last night It's down the two guys now. And the. Show we. Tuna is mourning the loss of a, first mate I'm Stevie reason your entertainment it is coming up let's, say you just bought. A house bad news is you're one step closer. To becoming your parents you'll probably multiple on anybody noticed you? Mowed the lawn tell people to stay off the lawn compare it to your.

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