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That's a good one Okay well we wanna take a couple more and then we'll kind of get ready to close out Craig's always wealth of knowledge. And even george noory did. A forward on your. Yeah your book. That's amazing dad. he did. He says amazing yeah. he's great. yes. I i when i saw that. I was like craig. We'll get you right okay. So do aliens ever die. I know we talked about If we get some bad aliens and they goes before the council and all that stuff but do you think aliens ever die. I mean mark. My theory is i. Energy never dies so right you so how the extraterrestrial enlighten. World's look at it as you can go through a long lifetime. So let's say you know. Certain planets are designed. I'm gonna go and sign up for life on planet x right. Because it's scientific. And i want to really learn about the expert expert ration- of Science throughout the in averse and on this world the average life span has two thousand years because of their technology. Right right So you can go and you can do that really. It's basically up the soul. I mean a lot of people. I know when they get into their eighties and nineties. You know i talk to them extensively about about their life and and they just don't want to be here anymore so they sort of will themselves to go back and then create a new thing so your soul is eternal that is having different experiences and how i look at it and and and some people want to stay around a lot longer and some wanna leave a little sooner and things of that nature. So that's true but but you know if you you know you have to look at it if your if your with a a mate up there in the The the realm where your belt eleven to two thousand years. You're not going to be with the same person the whole time. So it's interesting that they have different things where they have sole history with different souls when different ones come and they have the conversation about if they can go and be with this person for a while and then they come back to the other person and and you know or vice versa and and yes and this can also be You know In by sexual relationships or or how ever they want but all parties are in agreement. Right light Interestingly enough the mirian's who were below mount shasta that what they do is as they grow up they. They are allowed to have up to. I think it was ten to fifteen different partners right and then it over a certain period of time not all at once but then what they do is when they get to the point of choice they have to pick the person that they are going to bond with for the rest of their lives. right so that's that's how it's done there and So everything is you know. Everything is a little different Will different experience. And that kind of thing but i have to say when you said that. About how human beings in their seventy. I -member when she passed away. She was seventy nine two months before she passed away. We because i talked to my mother every day i was. I was a mama's boy and she did tell me she said you know i i. I'm ready an is like what and you know five years before that two years before that i'd be like no mom don't do it. You know. stay here. And and i have to say but some seeing her suffer the way she did. I was like you know. That's something that you between you and god and that's you know something that that's right your choice. And then from that point out she. She went fairly quickly after that. So like it is a a willful Death third full religious. Yo we are all in charge of our own souls. Young people would really understand them and you have the power of thought to create anything you want. Yeah right well. We only have just about a minute left. But i'm gonna put in the chat room Craig tell us about what you've you're offering for people that By the book oh short as so you can get the extraterrestrial species almanac and i will personalize it and sign up for you The websites autobiography of an a. N. e. t. dot com and then slash other dash books. So you just press on the tab when you go to the website you can get it there. I also had the unis universal sale of protection cards on that pay and also a my funny book of a movie. I cast twenty five years ago. That just got re released on the silence of the hams right. Et's in comedians then on the homepage is My four-part book series Called the autobiography of an extraterrestrial saga and people can buy all four books with one click or Or buy them individually and course personalized sign up and then if anybody wants to watch stranger pentagon which is right behind me. That's our movie poster and Victor woon right there and They can go to a stranger. The pentagon dot com. I also under by book and dvd. I have all of dr francs out-of-print books including stranger at the pentagon and that winning tomorrow which are both highly sought after The movie dvd all four posters valiant or t shirts People just begged me to do it. So i find. They wanted their shirts back. So i had a wonderful comic book artist Yeah it was really cool and you said you're in. You're working on a documentary right. Oh yes we're in right. Now i'm Creating the Extraterrestrials macy's documentary so it's going to be an extension of the book with All Big giant professionals. Who are going to be talking about. Things never discussed before in a document. You yes yes. We're actually also speaking to a man whose was visited for thirteen days by a celestial. Being so we're gonna learn all about the celestial realms days. I can't even take my family for two. So that i mean it's it's going to be mind-blowing and we're bringing all the extraterrestrials to life through cgi o. Wondrous go when is it allie. Do we know you. It'll be at least a year from now or sooner all right. Well if you need to see. I let me know. I can fill in for one. I'm getting well. Greg always thank you so much. You're the greatest and appreciate you for always bringing the the most interesting books and stories and research It's always fun and everybody in the chat room saying they love it and so everybody in the chat. Yes and everybody into chat room. Thank you for your questions and just tuning in every friday For truth be told. It's fun to have my co host in the in the chat room But again. Thank you and come back next time. Hopefully you can get it in studio so yeah that'd be great. I love your studio right right and awesome. Well i appreciate it but everybody out there. Thank you so much Again subscribe share the show. Subscribe to a podcast and youtube channel But until next time. I'm tony sweet. We'll see next week. It's going to be a great show. 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