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I'm ginger chan you're on air with ryan seacrest point seven kiss up mostly cloudy today and that rain is going to move into night scattered showers tomorrow borrow and into thursday as well tended to be in the upper sixties right now fifty seven to marry right now he is live in bellflower manny on the streets smartandfinal park la corner bellflower no longer live in people out here right now happy international baby happiness i got passes to go to the happy place that ellie live april twenty six come down bellflower and a laundry video smart and final many offshoots i like to sound it out yeah go check manny out and tomorrow he's in woodland hills it's one or two point seven kiss fm good morning talking mosley ninety megan myself crazy downer hoping they would say me no pick up the phone after getting free winging mmhmm free you don't uhhuh good i have some good news let me press this line claudia good morning how are you i'm great i'm paying your.

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