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She say that ten times fast presses don't say that ten times fast because I guarantee you you'll say something that you do not want to say knock you new information out from Adrian ski who will. Join Waddell and Sylvia two thirty today. Shameless promotion. About teams that might be willing to add Anthony Davis for a playoff push and make a run at the warriors. So I'll ask you the exact same shot or no shot question. I asked you yesterday will either Davis be dealt on or before the February seventh trade deadline. I'm gonna say no shot. I think they're going to want Zairean Williamson to be part of any deal. And so they're going to with valuate where the lottery balls fall. Yeah. I'm gonna say. There's a shot because there's something intriguing about Los Angeles. And maybe how say desperate, but the sense of urgency that is obviously president there and trying to make this happen. And maybe they'll do something. Now that they wouldn't do at the end of the season which could force the hand of the pelicans and say, hey, we're not gonna wait. Well, actually do this now because of what L A's offering that won't be on the table later. What about the other team in LA who is sitting eighth in the west? Yeah. And wants to live in L A anyway. Yeah. But I think he wants to live in LA. But I think he wants to play with LeBron sharing the building. If they plan on getting Colli, still not LeBron. I think this is a Rich Paul motive Mitch Mitch rich. Rich Paul is in the middle of this thing to get them together with LeBron I think I think it's all falling in line perfectly. All right. Hey, Steven he joined us earlier today and said that Jim Boylan isn't a bad spot. And all of the bulls coaches have been in a bad spot with the bulls front office of John Paxson shot or no shot that Jim Boylan will be made to be the fall guy, even though he was touted as a great head coach, and he will be fired at the end of the year shot. I do not think he's back next year. It is just too much of a carnival like atmosphere with the slowdown style. And that just it didn't start. Well, I don't think it's going to end. Well, and I think they're going to need to clean house. Bring in another voice in basketball operations and bring a polished NBA head coach like a Monty Williams that they can get recap. I think it's I think it's a wrap for JIMBO has gone too far south. He's lost any. The desire of the players to play for him. He's clearly in over his head. And I think he's going to be the next offering up to the basketball God's when sac LeVine was asked the other day about it. He's like, hey, man. He's the head coach isn't he it's not like, that's our guy. I want to fight and die for him. You.

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