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I tell you what your own look at her dylan. That double triple axel there. Wasn't he reminds me a scotty. Hamilton for talking. I gotta tell you by the. I'll tell you something. Your therapist will dare to tell you buddy. You haven't asked that just won't quit. You are hotter that a firecracker. I've i've got some sexual feelings. Gotta to drive when i fly in from burbank. We hit the carry those poster the thunder from down under. I stop every day and stare at that bad. You don't care. They're fake australian accents. I attracted to those man physically attracted you and i we this whole facade and go open ourselves up a bakery that daycare's expensive gang up. Wow look it up with a triple axel. Lots perfectly gonna ted. There might be a new record all right. Let's bring it home it. I'm gina grad and. That's the news now. Brian whitman back in two thousand seventeen love whenever he comes in also. Gm brian in there as well before you go there next live on remind everybody about some live events that adams doing he's going to be in minneapolis. August twenty seventh and twenty eighth doing some live and stand up at the acmecomedycompany. So come check us out. I'll be there too and of course we're going to royal oak michigan. Kansas city missouri solana beach in chicago. All before the end of september so make sure to get your tickets. They will go fast. And if you wanna see some music in your in the southern california area may invite you to chicken my band locks. We're going to be the pike bar and restaurant july thirtieth at eight pm. And we're going to get the prospector in long beach. July thirty first saturday night so come out to both shows. Let's hang out. Be a lot of fun now. let's get going.

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