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Covering for the chronicle the turf, writer, Larry stone. Good morning. Larry. The morning Sam how we doing we're doing. All right. We got nine races today, I post to one fifteen stake races race number seven goes at around four eighteen and let's start with the first half the day, double on five furlongs and definitely none of these bases will be on the turf with rain, we've been having, including the steak way. So this is five and a half for long, claiming twenty five thousand seventy five favorite here. As I read. It is what say toyah. Yeah, what's it to ya? Looks like is a rambling set. A police force base was second all around the track and finish finished second beaten three and a half. Links was claimed that day. Bowery Herbertson got a really good record off the plane. Twenty five percent from one good trainer to another cause Tim McKenna trained trained him for his debut. Adding the blinkers say might even show. More speed another other worse than us, number one US law, man. This horse comes off route race on the turf in which you some speed at a really really fast paced twenty two and four forty six into this source also has speed random street meeting race meeting allowance race the race before that, and set the pace so US law man, what's it to you could be both outweigh ahead of the rest of the field? One of probably win. But I'm also gonna throw on the first time starter. Number five that dog while hunt excuse me. I like the workouts five along workouts that are that are solid one one and. Three one one and two or two very solid workouts and at Mogre not not tremendous at first time starters, but certainly can get one to two run. And I'm gonna use those three one four and five in the early pick five. All right. Moving on the second half the double one mile distance. And this is a a allowance race featuring. First of twelve thousand five hundred nine two five favourite is giant, Mark Catalina Martinez. Aboard two to one on drink till you drop. Those are the two are stunned us try Mark was close to a pace and faded badly after running some good races before that came from well off the base of Inish, third before that, and then won four in a row before those raises. So hopefully, John, Mark and get back to the form by even be a pace plan without much early speed. But drink to drop his rain, very well this horse out finish giant Mark by seven, and three quarter links. When drinks to your till you drop a second, last time, tours just went off and one Easley's s well, that's what came back to win the next start. So adopt is a horse likes to win thirteen wins out of fifty two starts. Also, eleven seconds. Eight thirds do the tours should wrap up race. Number two, two and three. Okay. Runs Zeno number six. I'm not sure if okay. Ios going to ride because he did suffer a spill yesterday. He was only complaining about pain in his elbow. He was taken Highland hospital for x-rays, but he's scheduled to ride as we speak on a two to one shot, and, hey, dude. Fabio valium Pratt is in town to ride the state, and he's gonna ride. Hey do at five to two. Yeah. This race. Once again, it's going to be taken off the turf bronze wire-to-wire on the turf last time at this exact level now it'll be on the main track. But this horse has got two wins on the main track. He's the speed of the field. The only other speed or street, moxie, Chuck used three for hundred eighteen cartoonists and hasn't had as much speed the last couple of times, I'm looking for that Orson just a little bit off the pace and bronze is going to be able to dictate the pace and and sit decent based on the trip last time. And also went pretty fast for the main track twenty four to forty eight to one twelve and three when third at the twelve five level on the main track. I think print Zeno is in good shape and Steele street Machi stays with him for a long time. I think Francie knows a good single in the third race number six I in the fourth race. We'll go five and a half. And this face three year olds and up the maiden claiming eight thousand nine to five favorite HERE IS NUMBER. Six badger, boy will be the favorite show any speed first time out. Second time set the pace had a five link leaders stretch and then faded a second but did finish seven leaks ahead of the third horse? So it's still a good effort number one pay Taskey disorder show. Speed also in, in three starts set the pace to starts back. This is our maiden sixteen and now down to made Nate ads blinkered for AMS KUA. And this might be quicker than badger, whichever those horses gets leaves probably gonna go all the way. So one and six in the fourth race. All right. Another race be taken off the turf will be the fifth race today. It's one mile three year olds fillies and mares and two to one on the morning line is the one Melissa Jane. Yeah. J one of the main track two racist back going wire to wire so Melissa Jane could be to be could be the horse. I'm not sure the horses really all that fast hadn't set the pace in any other races. I'm looking at number five Thousand Oaks thousand stays in the source at the pace of turf in the golden poppy stakes and didn't fade until right at the end to finish fourth at this horse stays in. I'm gonna use Thousand Oaks if Thousand Oaks scratch because all our best races have been on the turf, then I would use Melissa Jane as a as a wire-to-wire threat. The other gonna use is women down. It comes off at allowance win on the main track this horses run, mostly on the main track recently to wins the last restarts. That was a very good allowance race in the first start up. The claim victory was at a very, very fine meeting and some from off the pace number two, and then I'll join number two either number five if the revised as in or I'm gonna put a number one, if number five scratches. So that's the. The race in the six as today will be going six for longs, six long made in twenty five number. Number two, native mosquito finished third last time out after robbing from Aden, special weights ads blinker today for for John F Martin has been hot recently. Most gonna use number three last dance Abella the sources eight to one of the money line only finished three quarters of a link behind native mosquito last time. And that was last dance bellows debut, which means that she might be able to improve a little bit that would be enough to probably get pass native. Mosquito us number six to tomorrow and the boys nine to five favorite this horse close to the pace on a turf race going long. Definitely can sprint ran into straight the maiden races. I cal- breads and didn't run badly second fourth deserving favorites on us to three and six in the six race. Our stake ways today is race number seven on a nine race card. Seventy five thousand dollars is the purse is called the out contrast aches, and it's for three year olds originally scheduled for the turf. One mile on the Topeka. Like you're gonna single a little bit of a price number eight visits, yet, this debuted one one off off the pace very professional going five and effort long usually like to see a couple of outracing, a couple of sprints before they're out. But at the trainer, the time, will you Maury stressed them out to, to a mile second start the horse came off the pace in one eight one again, beating a couple of horses that were at are in today's stakes race against him. So and then ran on the California derby against king. We also in this field and close really, well, right? At the end to lose by just a half link now there's more early speed and that was a fast paced, but kingly just let the base it or go when really fast and Kim, we in air the lead and just lasted now going to be more competition early on for Qinglian this race loud. Mouth gonna have speed one. Bad boys gonna to speed if he stays in the race. I think visit tan is is a maybe a writing star. So I'm just going to single number eight this attent in the. The Alcatraz sticks per person nineteen thousand in the eighth race of, oh, five and a half furlongs and nine to five on the morning, line will be not long for a hobby. I like that. Where? So I'm going to single that worse in the in the eighth race reason being every other horse every horse in the field likes to be in front. You look at all the horses that have been on the lead or second all their races now on a longer hobby also has that has that record in some of some of his raises, but he comes off three racist going long which, which definitely tempers horses speed. I think this is gonna come from well off the pace and pass them all stretch, whether the horse gets to the outside, or just makes it inside rally this'll be the only horse closing in the whole field. Everybody else wants to lead. So I'm gonna single no longer a hobby in the eighth our final race. Another one taken off the turf today. We'll be one mile for a twelve thousand. Dollar purse and we have a big field as I as I speak before any scratches. And so favorite looks like it's two to one. Out of the twelve. Yeah. Interesting interesting race angel of Montgomery as a couple. Good races on the main track broke his maiden by neck, and she recommended by neck and finishing third didn't run very well on the turf and now we'll be back on the main track because of the because of the rain only like that too much. Number two is express if that were stays in dropping down from starter allowance one on on the on the dirt Moselle that was back in July of two thousand eighteen so that race here on the mile on the turf was a prep race. If that were stays in could be very tough. Another horse are like two three year olds facing older Odessa ranting. It's older last time and finished second beating some of the horses in this field that was on the grass, but she broke her maiden on the main track the race before that. And then also gonna use ten to one shot from the Hollander for Barton. Number nine beautiful creature. This horse have been running in. As run in open races for three year olds this racist for older. But it's a restricted race. And so the fields are actually little bit tougher that creatures been running in the last one of the main track look at that closed. Well and finished. Second beaten only three quarters of a link toss out the turf race and she'll become at the end. So I'm gonna use two nine two eight nine assuming that they us all stay in the race. All right. Any thoughts of Santa Nieta? No, I didn't is going to be raining down there. I don't know if they're going to stay on the turf rates that interests me the stakes race though. The states race is race number eight, and it's the desert Stormer holdovers got a horse, Damascus, my girl who won the Las forest stakes wire-to-wire. There wasn't much speed the field but she want very fast twenty one and three forty four four on that revamp track down there. That's not as fast as it used to be. And as a one three in a row now. And I don't think the horse is going to be favored, although she is eight to five in the morning lines. A horse on the rail. Sell court, seventy five this is the class horse when beholder mile a mile last time at the base and faded. I'm not sure this horse of the same and she's gonna be inside and the other horses going to be outside with both going for the lead. I think sell court has it kind of a tendency to fade, if she's challenged early. And I'm not sure she's still the poor. She was a year ago. So I'm going to say that dance goes my girl looks really good in that stakes race for another stakes them going or fourth in a row for Holland over. Well yesterday at the Preakness war will got a nice little rail, trip and clean race. Very buddy. So should I should mention not for? Fulop express, John Velasco's was tossed out of the gate is, of course, reared up. Yeah. You know, the inside part of the track was really, really good. I guess all day and certainly it, it went along with in the Preakness, because Worrell wills who had the number one post state inside all the way made that inside rally, and the other took advantage of inside was ever fast, who was the number ten hours and was outside for a lot of the race while way back in next to last place, and then cut over to the real for the stretch run and actually rallied to finish second Sam, I have no idea how that works, second. If you look at the horses PP's the worst loss by eighteen fifteen and ten the last restarts at sixty three to one ninety two one sixty six to one and the racy was second. The Holy Bull stakes one hundred twenty eight to one yet, yesterday was only twenty nine to what how the horse going to be at least fifty to one I have no idea how that horse ranch. Second one deal. Third. That was good race and race wide most of the way and was still able to close for just a second by knows. So. I would say only comes back in the Belmont, that might be interesting because he went against the grain of the track and still ran well. And as a lanes horse, another twisted fate was up there with the pacesetters until they turned into the stretch. The second is really going to do something because Jose Ortiz hadn't asked him, yet, and he was moving up and he got into second place and, and that'll Jose started asking him. And he he did the top of the stretch. He started to fade and ended up finishing tenth was being beaten ten three quarter links kind of disappointing. Once again, he was outside all the way around the track. That might add something to do with it. I'm not sure. But it was thrilling at least up to the quarter pole for the Golden Gate fields horse. Now you can come back, and there's plenty of races for three year olds, the rest of the year around the nation and down south and up at up at emerald downs where where blamed us from right?.

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