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No, I think it's because it's movember. Oh, gotcha. Well, look at, look at silver's Rockingham. That's some people can pull off the mustache. Silver rocks it. But over rocks because he's black and white right now. You turn sober to color and he looks like a bus shot. 500 feet away from any school zone would just show silver going. But right now, black and white's noir. He's totally fine. Black and white changes everything. It's so weird. How you can change it, he's going to switch it to color, aren't you? Oh, I saw you messing around. Silver looks like a 1980s beat cop. He does. He's like, let's talk, man. Hey, someone said hellblade RT update in chat. Is that like it got ray tracing yesterday? Or that might be a good idea to replay. I like that game. Dude, there's so many there's so many games getting patches DLSS two point three 3.975 came out. So you're not one has improved a good deal. They actually showed some video made a very substantial difference in ghosting in some games. That's cool. Yeah. Yeah, there's so many different titles that you can go back and enjoy. And then I was telling people people didn't even know that legion watchdogs legion had the zombie mode come out. Months ago, and it is fantastic. It is a blast to play. And so when I was bringing that up, people didn't even know it was a thing. There's just so many deals. Yeah. Exactly. I mean, a DLC review I did, no one watched it. No one. Like, well, I get it. Some people did, but no one. Right, right. Well. Well, yeah, 'cause it's DLC. Right? Right. And it's great. It's awesome. And it's just like, oh, here we go. No wonder DLC is difficult for a company to it looked great. In fact, it's actually changed my list of two plays, right? So in my Christmas holiday, now I have far cry 6. Because I want to play the deal. It's just a different style thing. It's not amazing, they don't like rework the world, but I like the dying and coming back in that game, because farquhar never had that. And they were just like, hey, let's try it out. And it works. So Guardians of the Galaxy had an RTX update as well on consoles..

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