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Eight fifty W F T, Al West Palm Beach Pembroke far fourteen years. From ABC news. I'm Daria Albinger, celebrating successes. Well, looking ahead. That's what White House press secretary. Sarah Sanders says we'll be included in President Trump's state of the union address. It's gonna be a great night. And I think the president's gonna do an incredible job laying out both what we've accomplished. But also a very visionary look forward on what we can accomplish. This is the first state of the union for some members of congress freshman congresswoman Elissa Slatkin democrat of Michigan says, she appreciates the pomp and circumstance, but is more interested in getting back to business. It's great to be here. It's an important thing for the nation to have a state of the union. But I think there's lots of us are going to be sitting in there. Like, okay, let's get the theater through a little bit. And Andrea works Lodkin said she hopes lawmakers quickly reached an agreement on border security, something the president is likely to make a central part of his speech alley. Rogan ABC news Capitol Hill. You might see several people dressed in white at tonight's address. The House Democratic women's working group has invited members to wear white and celebration of the women's suffrage movement just might pressure to. Zayn over a racist yearbook. Photo a source tells ABC news that Regina governor. Ralph Northam will not step down a close friend of the governors who worked for them says that he believes governor north will stick it through. He'll basically apologized he'll take responsibility and who worked to build bridges again. Now, whether this can happen, it's still unknown. Because nearly every single Virginia politician all the major Democrats running for president have called on him to resign. ABC's? Tom yomas, firefighter and a retired police officer are among dozens arrested in Orange County. New York is part of a sweeping drug ring investigation allegedly involving motorcycle organization. What do you people were arrested a series of fifteen early morning raids police recovering guns and cash but cocaine marijuana, steroids and? The heart of the operation ABC's, Marcus SOLAS. Hundreds of thousands of patriots fans jammed downtown Boston for a parade to celebrate the Super Bowl champion patriots. You're listening to ABC news. How do you make a barbasol shave.

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