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And I love the story I love the complexity of it. Still I don't know how many years later decades later I'm still trying to figure out what would Howard of. The complexity in the stylistic references in it at all the. Polling tropes that we grew up with, and that takes us to another time and also you know comment on our time. So any you know everything I do is done. Sort of in that. In that world that Howard and I worked in an created in the criteria that that fuel that is you know deep inside Ottoman. Now. This you know. Looking. At what you created together, there is something. Magical about the fact that they have stayed. So relevant and popular, and you see People Little Mermaid again, this is my time but. I see little girls dressed as Ariel. You know I'm thirty years older than them and they're singing part of your world and I watched people react to Jodi in the same way I watch people react to page and you know it's Something truly spectacular and I I do think that you carry his memory in a beautiful way. God knows you've written a million, a million wonderful songs that again a part of. Any. They existed in the world. All over the world and it's a it's magnificent but watching the documentary. The thing that I think that we took away was just that. He was so special as a person beyond just being this talent and for US getting to speak to his partner, you know you fill out the rest of this man in a way as close as we'll ever get to knowing him. Yeah He. He's Yes Howard was wonderful on so many levels it would also be impossible. In the best possible way but. He? Understood. How to hold that flame. And use it. And and An inservice of that. Be. So. Impatient he could be so. Rural. And, and then he could be the most thoughtful the most you know compassionate person. And I think if US we're. We're conduits in things come through us. And And he was he's the brilliant conduit I knew. Now it's They say it's emotional. A getting to speak to everyone as we have. It's amazing how.

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