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Thought we were pretty good. And also this guy's catch more balls than everybody better because because you see you mike. Mike gave with a little gimpy. Watch mike fisher. If he's one hundred per day healthy will. Speaking of one hundred percent healthy. The point that bruce arians was making was that ab had never had a surgery in his life in this new was nagging him down the stretch last year and finally at new orleans in the playoff game it went he or the cartilage. He missed a whole nfc championship. Game at greenberg. He missed and he came back. Olympian gimpy for the super bowl a managed to catch the one yard touchdown pass which know. Tom says i'm gonna get you one. I'll get you something. But bruce arians is saying that after the surgery that he desperately needed to cartlidge. It was as arthur cleanup okay. He says he's playing at a speed is ginny rid. He's playing a speed that we saw four or five years ago. If that's true then. Tom brady's gonna have the closest thing to randy moss. He's had since randy moss. It is he. He's actually playing much faster than we saw him play last year. I look out. It'd be had that quick twitch. He had herky-jerky because he started careers report return. Yeah and until he understand how to operate because not only katie. Play inside. I mean the slot. He can go outside so you can do so many different things with them you can move him and put him in motion and you hard pressed to get your hands on about the loudest screaming. That's what makes him so difficult and you see ab ab but the guy ab limp in pittsburgh he had been slain ab. He really has not now. He's just aging. Right before your very eyes and i still think he's gotta last iran ben rothlisberger being wide receiver receiver. Yeah they say oh we can replace him. We can replace. Abc that thought you meant the quarterback would push ball down the because seems like everything nice smokescreen ball behind the loudest cry so is beginning to put up the kind of numbers. Fourteen fifteen sixteen. He is not because they got to. They got to proble receivers flanked out. He's got eight in scotty miller and we'd go down to lift. There's a there's quality right. Depth chart is the most quality receiver depth chart. I've ever seen before right so. Tom will spread the wealth. But i think his favorite of this whole group will be antonio brown so antonio knows he's in a great place and he said he talked about. Ap you gotta appreciate. You gotta have perspective and you gotta stay grateful. That all sounds good. And i think it's in his heart right now. Can he. embrace that all year long when has a off game or whatever. It doesn't get as many balls as he thinks should. Well we'll see. But i think because he's with brady. He has a chance to be very special. This year tolerates into a replacement yeah productive intolerant when you production is high tolerance yup well. We will see you but skill situation like this. They know what they have to be. A would not let abe. And i don't believe abused because the thing is what this is what he always needed. He always needed a coke to hold him accountable. No matter how great you are. My thomas greatest. Mikey if he is allowed that eggos. Ab you have to have some personal responsibility. That's your behavior but you when you call and you tolerate his guilt. Gosh wonderful meeting. If you're going to be able to go. No no no because everybody wait a minute abia. Why are they your practice. You let it go. you let it go. And then all of a sudden he taping you in pre-tape your your postgame. He not showing up. He doing whatever he wants to do. Then it becomes like you know we just got separate be laid it down that they beat this. What we expect to you. If you can't do this you're going to have to move on or you. Don't think brady wholesome accountable. Yes brady said this. This is how you do it. This is what you have to do and we can go win rate and britain's the reason he's there in the beginning we we don't. We will need remember. He coached game winning rookie. Yes and said. I don't like what i see exactly right but brady we're towards today. I i could control. Cadillac jordan with dennis rodman view. Get it we we can. We can wake it work that we might have to vegas. We've out of work. i came up. Yeah but we can make it work. I don't think tom's going to go to vegas for a b- but i do think this team is super bowl. Bound again loaded. The harder than i am cannot wait to see them back in action. On thursday the season white sox traveled to and the site of the most beloved these small movie of all time and we'll be field of dreams. Game presented by geico coverage begins thursday at six eastern on fox and the fox sports up and david ortiz is putting his money on the line on the fox but super six apps skin. The code below entered the field of dreams contest for chance to win ten thousand dollars. A big papi's money. I cannot wait to see that one coming up this week. Oh and by the way guys the dallas cowboys make their hard knock. Save you tonight. And we're less than a month away from their season opener on september nine against the defending champ bucks. According to fox sports book the cowboys are the favorites to win. The nfc east joined now by fox sports nfl analyst. Michael vick so mike. Should the cowboys be favored to win. The nfc in your opinion should be favored. When you look at the quarterback position man that prescott probably the most communist quarterback in division certainly got. The resume certainly put forth the effort over the last couple. Years is show us that he is the guy think. Got the pieces around them. That can you know take them next. Level obviously is going to be up to debt and they got put on a better showing than they did last year. They got the offense. They got the defense tools. But i will say this dan. Quinn is going to be the difference. Make i think because dan quinn at long beat. The reason that favor was should be favored. Defense don't play faster. I won't the naming names of the guys on defense but you know they got some guys that certified and qualified on the defensive side of the ball. But when i look at the rest of the. Nfc east you look at the football chain right here you know. They just a quarterback away defensive match. Your football giants quarterback away match. They was this law games last year. And then the philadelphia eagles. I won't ballot my dussehra responsibility. Saddam to stay loyal. you know. The the quarterback position is in question. I do feel like jalen hurts. Can you step up to the plate when the job and start in week one. What what's the rest of the team going do so for that reason alone. The dallas cowboys. i think. Stand alone at the top of the nfc one because dacca's qualified. He's certified and two because dan queens deep inside of the ball calling the shots so the defense is gonna play a lot faster and it's probably the chain it. I'm most excited to watch this season. You mention dan quinn. One of the same day in queens. I notice not dan quayle. That team had a twenty eight three lee over team not.

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