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Mike God for the world Notre Dame cathedral represents what's what's most noble. What's most up lifting? What's most inspirational about the human project and to see that reduced to ashes mile not? We'll be national fundraising effort to pay for. What will be no doubt the enormous cost of restoring. Notre dame. It's off to a good start though, the billionaires behind the top luxury brands and friends Bernard Arnault of Louis Vuitton when spa Pinault of Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent verdict pledged combined three hundred million euro that works out to about three hundred thirty nine million dollars wins. News time, six twenty four measles cases in the US are at a twenty five year, high while twenty states reporting cases, the vast majority are right here in New York centered in the Hasidic community where many remain on vaccinated city health department trying to change that in making good on shutdown threats as wins newsman, John Monson reports live from Williamsburg, John. At least smack dab in the middle of the measles. Hop zone. The doors to the United Talmudical academy. Preschool are now locked for failing to comply with the city's no shots. No school order city health Commissioner, Dr Cirrus Barbosa says directs violation of missioner's order requiring that unvaccinated students. Looted and still the outbreak spreads three hundred twenty five cases in his scenic neighborhoods, where some parents are now making a legal case, claiming the vaccination order, violates.

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