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Both like you said, Think about weird. Tyler Chatwood got 13 million last year to pitch for the Cubs. All right. Think about Tyler Chatwood. Three years here. 13 million. You could add area and last year for much less than that, for the third, much less than 13 million. Thing about that you could end up probably both for under 10 million But They don't want to. They made a decision not based on what they thought that Lester could give them. But based on some of the financial constraints they thought they had they couldn't give him the comparable deal that the nationals gave him. But then they found a little bit of idea. Yeah, it's confusing. I'm telling you as a Cubs fan, it's the most confusing season in a long, long time. If you want to weigh in 3123323776 plenty of socks talk coming up. We got Jason Benetti joining us at three o'clock, Things air good on the South side. It's completely opposite, and we'll see the dynamic with Tony LaRussa. That will be one of the top stories and there's some other really good stories with some of the pictures and how they'll sort out in the sacks. Location we could go through that also bears conversation. The Carson Wentz speculation is the holdup of him not being traded. Because he doesn't want to be in Chicago. We'll get to that. Next. Listeningto Waddle in Silla on ESPN 1000 Chicago's home for Sports thistles. Len KASPER, the new play by play Voice of the Chicago White Sox. Yeah, it's true. And this is the new home of the White Sox. Yeah, that's Who. This is ESPN 1000, Chicago's home for Sports. Not quite time for the madness that is college basketball in March. But that doesn't mean the fun.

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