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We'll be meeting on june twelfth in singapore hurry well it's really you know you kind of a situation the president said he and kim jong will not sign something on june twelfth stressing it's a process that begins that day karen travers abc news the white house komo news time five forty let's talk some sports brought to you by divorce lawyers for men right now in oklahoma city college softball world series the huskies oregon's scoreless in the bottom of the fifth but the dogs were the bases loaded one out play at the plate on a ground ball aaron throw by the ducks are run scores in the huskies with the initial lead in this game a one to nothing in it appears the washington player who slid into home shaken up getting some medical attention but the basis will remain loaded again with that run in has been a obviously a really impressive pitching duel by both starters in this game but one nothing thing huskies bottom of the fifth against their pac twelve rivals the oregon ducks meanwhile the u dub baseball team today had successes well in nc double a play washington starter joe d'humieres gave up one run in the first inning then nothing else his u dub teammates scored five times in the eighth giving the diamond dogs a seven two one victory over uconn in round one of the ncwa regional in south carolina saturday at two pm the huskies face the winner of coastal carolina and l i u brooklyn and that's bill swartz reporting that would appear to be coastal carolina matching up with the huskies coastal carolina leading in that game against lsu brooklyn twelve to nothing a late in that contest mariners race tonight seven ten safeco.

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