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Just a couple of years ago. And that's something that all the locals and talk to here it is constantly on their minds and then up with one man in his family in town nearby. And that's what they said they said that flooded during Harvey they did not want to take that chance again to actually rented a you all and we're packing up their entire home. We've been we leave this behind and we fled again. Like, we didn't Harvey everything is going to be gone. Maggie rulli. Friends would Texas it may or may not be a legal under international law. But North Korea's test firing of a short range missile is not helping diplomacy. That's the word from South Korea's president making in Seoul, moon Jae in through translator says from. Do not miss violation of the into Korean military agreement. I would like to walnut creek if it repeats such actions. It could make own going Tokes negotiations difficult north fire to projectiles. Thursday, one of which travelled some two hundred sixty miles previous round of missile launches took place last weekend. Tom rivers ABC news foreign desk, Chicago Cubs banning fan from attending games at Wrigley field. Three flashed a white power hand gesture behind the black sports reporter when he was on the air comes vice president of communications Julian green says the team is working to identify the fan. Once that person is identified we will be following up in letting they will no longer. Be welcome at Wrigley field as analysts Doug Glanville. Was speaking the fan wearing a shirt flash. The okay hand gesture often associated with the white supremacist moving. The Cup said of the man tries to win the game. Again, he'll be subject to prosecution for criminal trespass. It's ten of three now. News ninety six point five. WDBO? Safetouch secure. Parity home of the verified response.

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