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Seventies to the mid nineties. This report is brought to you by your staple stores from the Southern California Toyota Dealers Traffic center. We make it easy or checking that crashed on the 10. It's in West Covina on the 10 westbound just past hold, and the right lane is still blocked. Here. Expect the volume right around Kellogg Drive. If you're just joining us, and you're traveling 605 South Santa Fe Springs had a crash. 65 South of Telegraph Everything's out of traffic lanes, but your drive is really crowded from Rose Hills Road, Ko Phi, and this guy's sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com. Jeff bought over to Penghu Canyon Back since yesterday. This has been quite a spot here's Topanga Canyon, about a mile north of Pacific Coast Highway. Yesterday morning There was a fire here. And then after that, the afternoon there was a pursuit that came through here and they were dragging stuff started another fire, and here we are with yet another one. So again, the location is the banking canyon, about a mile north of PCH. You can get through. If you want to use this between the wanna wanna PCH? You could do it, but they're just alternating traffic. And right now, Traffic is kind of mild. I must say so. Really? Not a long delay view again. You can't get through, uh, leaving PCH or getting to it. No problem there. BCH itself in very good shape. Your urge you to be careful on Pacific Coast Highway through Malibu, always somebody crossing the street where they should So be careful, but drives pretty easy. One all the way through the Palisades injured in an accident visit superwoman superlawyer dot com. Jeff Bark, a F I and this guy who sponsored by Staple stores K. If I and this guy helps get you there faster. I'm robbing banks. Staples has everything to start the school year right at amazing prices. No matter where it happens this week, staples to pocket paper folders and one subject notebooks are an incredible 10.

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