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You to slow down when you're driving, especially if you're near a plow or other road crew. Blood centers say the need for donations will become urgent after the snow comes so they're asking people to take action now call most Sue Romero has more blood work's Northwest says their inventory is OK for now, even in the middle of a pandemic. But with snow in the forecast, the organization's Kurt Bailey says they have to plan ahead by asking people appointment for next week. We need another 1000. Appointment scheduled for next week that are on the books today, he says the storm comes at a tough time for them when donations are already dwindling because of the upcoming winter break, and because February is typically slow. Bailey urges people to make an appointment at blood works and w dot org's Romero. Come on. News was temperatures drop cold weather shelters are opening across their area. Right now we know shelters are open and kings Snohomish Thurston and Kit SAP counties. Shelters have special measures in place to help stop the spread of covert 19. Full list of locations is that coma news dot com slash hot links. South Africa coronavirus vary. It has arrived on the West Coast, with two cases confirmed in Northern California goes, Ryan Harris tells US Washington continues to increase its variants surveillance those four metric state health watches for the reopening phases. Covert case counts and the rates of test positivity. Hospitalizations and ICU capacity are also compared with that variant surveillance, says state epidemiologist Dr Scott Lindquist. Following those variations to see what percentage of Iceland's Are actually variants of interest compared with the data that's going to give us a better sense of whether we're gonna have 1/4 wave. We are coming down the back side of the third wave. Right now. The health Department's want to bring numbers way down from the third wave to avoid having 1/4 wave when we're all long past ready to escape from lockdown. Meanwhile, Dr Lindquist says the state is seeing decreases. In those four measures. The trends give them hope more of the state will be able to move into Phase two reopening. Ryan Harris come on, is called a news time 8 10 and for the Beacon plumbing Sports desk, one week away from Mariners pitchers and catchers reporting for spring training. Here's Como's bills warts. Seattle has made some off season moves to fix the worst relief corps in the American League, right handed pitcher Kendall Graveman goes from starter to the bullpen, and today he signed a one year deal worth one and a quarter million dollars. Couple of ex Mariners, part of Minnesota's 2021 baseball plans. Nelson Cruz on board to be the Twins D H. Again at age 40 and left E J. A Happ comes over from the New York Yankees for eight million big ones. The defending champion Seattle Storm making over their basketball roster involved in a three team trade, which sends all star Natasha Howard and guard Sammy would come to the New York Liberty. They got New York's first round draft choice in return. Then use that in a trade for Dallas Wings forward Katie Lou Samuelson..

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