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His plan to change the nation's immigration system before a rose garden audience pack with lawmakers and conservative stakeholders in the immigration debate. President Trump unveiled his merit based immigration plan, which would end the visa lottery reduce family migration, and accept greater numbers of immigrants with high education and job skills. We discriminate against genius. We discriminate against brilliance. We won't anymore. Once we get this passed, but that won't be easy to plan does not address the fate of the hundreds of thousands of immigrants who arrived in the US children often called dreamers as a result. Congressional Democrats say the proposal is a non starter at the White House. Jon decker, Fox News, the search for missing Houston girl is temporarily coming to an end Texas echo. Search says they're waiting for more credible. Tips on where me Davis might be before sending out volunteers. The four year old girl has been missing for nearly two weeks. Her stepfather initially claimed she was ab- -ducted. He's now in custody on tampering with evidence charges volunteers spent the past two days searching rural areas Niro, Sharon with out any success. What's being called an operational issue blamed for smoke? That was seen billing out of the Chevron Phillips plant in baytown earlier today company officials say the situation is under control, and no plant employees or anyone in the community or endanger. They didn't release any other. Other information about what caused the problem KTAR, h news time, four three time to check your money. Here's KTAR h money, NAN pads shin brought to you by.

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