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Jacob Degrom, Mets, ERA discussed on Evan Roberts


Air so Jeff wilpon if you're, listening this is very. Simple if you don't sign Manny, Machado I will cut my tickets down from four to. Two if you sign Manny, Machado I'll probably keep all. Four so the odds are I'm gonna cut my tickets down a little. Bit I'm with you on that. One you know the wilpon have no business owning a major league baseball. Team I, mean I really don't know what they're doing in the. Business they're losing. Money I, mean they're in it to make money and they're not even making money and they're just hiring damaged. Goods I, mean, Jay, Bruce just let me finish. There signing spring, training plantar. Fasciitis I, mean this guy has got kill. Problem you know how bad your problems they never go. Away they gotta play every. Day he's. Done we never gonna see this on the field every day from fifty. Games they're gonna wait these two years out east contracts and. Get Rid of a manager I'm tired, of it I mean I hate ripping them. Joke to, their baseball I mean a big market team like this. Is dropping the ball they don't even care about it and now, they're gonna lose money Definitely gonna, lose money because no one's going to the ballpark the. Last two months of the year Ralph's in the car hey Ralph Yeah I wanna talk about the grab a picture of the. Guam, quality Greatness is only. Good to a team. That's, ready to win out win with the Mets the team is horrible They're better off trading because he has no value wanna teams that. Can't win the Tim Lemme lemme counter that, with this okay. And we have to start with this statement that you may disagree with, and that's fine I look at Jacob degrom and I am taking a leap of. Faith and I think he can? Be a top? Line pitcher for the next five years do you agree with that statement how'd you percent Fine you don't. Have to root for the, Mets I'm because I want to give you my reasoning that does it use just hey I love, guy whatever if we both agree he can be a top line guy for five years. I'm saying the Mets if. The. Right moves or may can definitely be a competitive team in the next, five years so. To answer your question he would survey great use to the New York, Mets potentially in the next couple of years now five years from now you think. You will be as good as? He is now Listen Youngest people think they. Are, yes but Jacob degrom while he's thirty does not have a huge amount of innings on that. Arm and I get it's a leap of faith and I get this risk involved because of what happens to. Pitchers, now I don't. Know Jacob degrom is ever going to be as good as he's been this. Year he's having a historic. Season he leads the league in ERA at a ridiculous one, point, six. Eight he's having an insane season will be more like the guy from a year ago who is very solid who gives you two hundred. Innings thirty starts in mid three. ERA. Sure I think a lot of a year like that in the next five. Years I think a lot some years that are better than. That if you look at his, career we saw him really good as a. Rookie we saw him as good if not better in that furled year of two thousand. Fifteen when he made thirty starts at a two five ERA we saw guy that was having another good year in sixteen till he was clearly. Heard I think his ERA got hurt by his last couple of starts have memory, shirts. Correct in San, Francisco we saw a solid, year but statistically not as best your last. Year And now we've, got. This so I'd, assume over the next five, years will get a little bit of everything So if you agree with me and you don't have to but if, you agree with me that because of the limited amount of innings on his arm and. His ability to pitch not..

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