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Com Studios Eric Hanson in for Mike Today, when we left off, Mike had spoken to a caller named John who got Mike and many callers riled up. Let's hear your reaction to John and Mike on the topic of the pandemic and our constitutional freedoms here on the highlight show. Hey, Mike. This whole thing about the mask, band AIDS and Gatherings at the holidays. I think this is just a way for the left to find out how well we're gonna take orders. My my phone sort of blew up like a little Christmas tree. At John's call. Everybody disagrees with them. And I want you to give him a little grace. Because these air tricky times. I don't agree with John that the government this This is a fundamental disagreement about the role that government should play when there's a pandemic. John's position eyes a very, very prominent one that we've got to trust the government to know Best for us. And you got cops pushing back law enforcement. Fulton County, New York, the sheriff there Said. Listen to be told you can't have Uh, more than 10 people or five people in your own home is a bridge too far. Even the sheriff said that I want to play that clip for you. But I do understand, and I appreciate John's, You know, respectful disagreement with May This is a tough area We're in. I think Justice Alito is right. The pandemic has brought about on assault on our basic rights as American citizens. Now two people on the left two people, Maybe not even on the left. I don't know what jobs. Political ideology is, but they think we're crazy for saying that. I guess they think Judge Justice Alito is crazy for believing that We're not crazy. We're not crazy. To count how many people are in your own home. We've seen Orthodox Jews, Beebe knocked on their doors and harassed and targeted in Orthodox Jewish communities of New York and Brooklyn and other other neighborhoods. And we just shouldn't roll over. We have to be able to try toe. Consider What this looks like. When you're told you can't go to a church in Nevada, but you can go to a casino and again to John T. John's credit, the last caller He has a problem with that, too. Here's a trick these air difficulty times We're in. And the holidays. You're going to bring about a lot of tension..

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