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It looks like we might get another big snowstorm here mid week very burbank sets us currently on track to hit boston but we'll know more on the next twenty four hours full forecast just ahead with traffic and weather a rideshare driver is charged with raping a passenger in the south end carl stevens tells us the suspect is due in court today it was early sunday morning around one o'clock boston police from the south end responded to a call for sexual assault in the area of hemingway street northeastern university police it stopped man who said he was a rideshare operator the officers noted that a female passenger appeared to be not only in distress but may have been the victim of a sexual assault after an invest by members of the boston police sexual assault unit they arrested the driver ranjan thaba of everett is going to be arraigned today on a charge of rape carl stevens wbz news radio ten thirty a state trooper is on administrative leave for reportedly turning up drunk for his shift on saint patrick's day trooper jonathan brown was relieved of duty in the early hours of sunday morning after allegedly slurring his speech on the radio authorities believe he was drinking prior to his shift and was not drinking on the job brown remains on leave pending duty status hearing this week state police are looking into whether brown responded to any calls while on duty president trump is heading to new hampshire community college day touting new plans to fight the opioid crisis in the state he wants called a drug infested den wbz's tim kim tunnicliffe reports the president is coming to manchester to outline a controversial proposal involving drug dealers president trump is expected to outline stiffer penalties for drug traffickers including the death penalty where it's appropriate under current law during his stop in manchester the president will likely visit the central fire station to discuss the cities safe station program which allows addicts to seek out help at fire stations without the fear of being arrested mike amash.

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