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With calls saints without a field goal with just over two minutes to go which gives them a seven point lead with a couple of minutes left. Baltimore goes back to work and with the half minute left in the game. Faulk is running thirty seconds left in regulation on second down. Flacco from the fifteenth of the end zone. And with twenty four seconds left in regulation. The ravens extra point away from tying it up twenty four twenty three right there. Just an extra point away from tying it up as you heard. So on trots, Justin Tucker who had hit all two hundred twenty two point after attempts in his career Tucker's extra point to tie the game kick his up at it is. Good. It drifted wide rights. No flag on the play. Justin. Tucker has never missed an extra point in his career. And the house is utterly shocked. That's how it sounded on WBAL saints. Hang on. Maybe the ravens twenty four twenty three on that missed point after Tucker had never missed in his NFL career had missed in college either. He's now two hundred twenty two for two hundred twenty three. In his pro career, every kicker every football player is going to come across a moment challenging moment ever kicker is gonna play long enough. You're going to have a kick that you want back in tonight was at night for me. You know? But like Joe said, the only thing that we can do is just go to work and try to make the best out of a bad situation. You know, I I appreciate that for I on my teammates putting us in a position to extend the game. And unfortunately, I just wasn't able to put the ball through the uprights. But. More than anything. I just wanted to be here as a. I don't know if I was going ever teach my son or any young person about accountability. I felt like it was really important that I've, you know, stand up here and answer whatever questions, you guys may have. Was there anything.

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