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For more discrimination if actually varies also from place to place the exact text that was approved by the council. So in some of them, you could understand that the Jibbidy Associations will not be given any funding taken not apply for grants or even it might mean that they will not be able to do. Equality Marches. Or? Organized demonstrations win. They just didn't let legislation introduced while started a dance last year mainly it's this calendar year some. Local councils you mostly in small Powell's have approved such. He says legislation for their local structures. So the idea is basically to train shutdown LGBT rights groups in prevented the. Yes however, you can also see how this has actually encouraged Ortho Taller. To speak against the government's to speak against these local consoles to demonstrate four bt rights and Karen. that the left wing party which is in the parliament is preparing another beal projects for civil unions. It will be the ninth time that this topic is race in the parliament is that you think it's likely that this bill will go through this time given the the right-wing parties, the united rights are currently in power I don't think so but it's very important. To see how other people will vote because you see the problem is that when the civic platform was in power, there were also projects of of the Civil Union equalization at that time, and they voted against it most of most of the members of the parliament from the civic that from voted against it because they were also very conservative anti-religious an interest. As. The civic platform was the coalition of move sort of centrist parties that was impalpable Yes. They were very conservative. This is something we forget because they have changed now as them as an opposition to law injustice, they have become much more tolerant much more progressive. What what you're saying is the actually the the degraded conservatism of the law and Justice petits actually pushed the civic platform the other way. Yes. That's definitely what happened and because. seat. Now, in this presidential elections, we had the candidates from the Civic Platform Records Jessica. Foschi. Who's one of the points in the agenda was was the fight for the. Rights and the second one was the reproduction rights of women. He didn't have a long agenda for the elections. These were the two main topics for him and the general tolerance, and he was the second candidates. He was the one who in the second round was against the Android Duga and he received around forty nine percents of votes. So yes, android that was re. Elected but if you look at the numbers they to candidates where so close to each other. So it actually shows that in a way, the conservatism of law and Justice is somehow a mock surveyed putting other people to become more progressive and more tolerant. I really see this process and this process gives me hope although at the same time I'm still a bit frightened. About. What the law injustice? Because what they did with the judiciary system is a quite concerning and they continue to similar things described be potentially dangerous but the change in the society I see it's for the better. will let that spring courage ing what what do you think going to be the main challenges for your organization? The Polish rationalist association during the rest of the current. Government's Tom and the rest of Andre and do. Office while it's very hard to say because it's harsh critics were what they would. Do and it's very hard to say whether there will be some new bill projects. Come from this ferry right-wing religious organizations like or lease. So of course, any should from their sides would be a huge concern for us. Is there anything that you think might be likely to whether they've muttering that they might introduce the particularly The most endangered group. Might be bt. We'll see how this whole situation involves Because if for example, they are not allowed to demonstrate anymore. That's already a huge thing because regarding their presence at Kohl's to be honest it wasn't even there almost in most of the schools they were not allowed before a same as any civil society organizations actually wear not present at only schools. So so in fact, there are some people will say that the initiative to actually eaten invites them to some of the public schools to give some lessons about tolerance that was something that motivated the religious organizations to treat this idea of lgbt ideology-free zones but but that's That's not the most important problem is I mean it's it's in society that the suppression of adultery bt Voices is that right? Yes that's correct. But we we are concerned with this of course. So if they are so suppressed, even more while we will definitely speak about it. Well, we will definitely continue what we are doing right now. So we focused on education we organize conferences we organize free lectures open debates about science about social issues reorganize a big festival Garwin days along with universities we try to encourage dialogue. This is something that's missing completely now in Poland but how far are you discussion for your conferences Utah when days? Interactions with university what successfully helping so far while the darling days are very popular in this is the only such initiative in Poland's, and we have hundreds of people who come to the lectures and we have debates and we have videos that are available on For. People and. It is a huge impact so we are trying to create space basically for free thinking for dialogue This is what we are trying to show pelerins which to show What science says on on several topics in the past, we fought a lot with the privileges of the Church and especially we tried to manage this role of the. Religious classes. So we fought for ethics classes introduced. We are not the only organization of course, that's So it's not just our credits of bad. We are very happy that this. Actually was A. Great you'll you seem to be having. I'm going load of success so far with which is very encouraging. Just just one final question at Kyle think secularist organizations in different countries. What do you think such organizations can learn from each other?.

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