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You know your kids so they they're up early in the morning and we just stayed up too late I never stay up to midnight anymore never stay after midnight some of my dad's around every now then we still he's stable to like and so still trying to recover but one of the issues that we are talking about that that night Friday night we're done but the corona virus and how it's affecting obviously people but but business too a corona virus in China is now blamed for more than nine hundred deaths including one American the death toll is larger than the sars epidemic in two thousand two and two thousand three nine hundred it's it's been tragic and then also to it's been confusing and what how do we stop this it seems like it's an it's an outbreak it's here it's there how do we stop this well when you take away the the personal side the human side of it there's a cost with it cost to businesses around the world could also become severe in the coming weeks because of the coronavirus experts fear that factories across the globe could ground to a halt if many of the plants across China remain close this coming week you know who who could feel that the impact them the most auto plants that's because of the massive size of the Chinese auto parts industry and the fact that you can't build a car with with only ninety nine percent of its parts you need all of them in China is a major supplier of parts to auto plants around the world should be nearly thirty five billion dollars of parts in twenty eighteen thirty five billion dollars in parts about twenty billion of Chinese parts were exported to the US and a coronavirus shut down plants because people are sick Amazon actually they went to China last year they tried to there's been a lot is a couple years ago but it was last year at at in April last year where they decided you know what we pushed into China it's not going to work here they actually had businesses in China but they couldn't compete early still felt like it was not worth the investment they were gonna stay in China we're going to make a dance of a day said let's let's get out of China Jeff Bezos Amazon founder CEO he was he was at the Oscars last night for some reason great actors he's got to check the bank about so he got lost it is still the richest man in the world still and you want to know I like getting my packages on time Steve Martin Chris rock okay thank yous taking mental notes Best Picture last night goes to parasite it's it's absolutely one of the best best pictures of the decade it may be the best I think if you go if you go look at all of them of the past decade the only one that I would say would have a would have a case would maybe be twelve years a slave because that one was it was so haunting and so well done but outside of that I mean there's other good movies there's other there's bad movies too there's other movies where you're like really that one one over this one but last night parasite making history becoming the first foreign language film to win Best Picture being the first film from South Korea to to not only win Best Picture but even be nominated for Best Foreign Language Film and to go out and win both those categories history but as we look back at the decade in in filming go okay well where does like parasite rank in terms of best pictures when I look back at all the the ten the ten films I won Best Picture and and I want to like categorize him put him into one of three bins right so but in one of three bins one bean brilliant movie worthy of Best Picture to yeah okay fine okay fine or three are you kidding me the horrible movie well let's do that with all ten of those those best pictures where do I go through the list so twenty ten king speech one look what else was nominated the fighter fighters probably better.

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