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Blazin reward points and have your food delivered directly to your door so you can sit there you can watch the fight and the prelims are about to start. It's Buffalo Wild Wings. Yes I just dropped the Frie- I'll cover while you get five second rule. Yeah yea I have not seen a card this good for a long time man because there's always cards were like all right. Boom boom will these fights. I am looking forward to the most. I want to see the other one so some of them. Some fights surprise you but I'm looking even from the early pre prelims consenting Gabor's Nico price that's a that's a fucking great fight and one. I bring up a lot. Is these young gun to Bryce Mitchell and Charles Rosa early. Prelims telling you this is as deep a card as I've seen certainly since maybe UFC two. Oh five some people would argue. This is the deepest carton. Ufc history there are about six or seven main events on this sweat co it stands to reason that call far as the former champion fighting. The karate hottie Michelle Waterson who by the way headline in her last fight they be fighting in a main event and Bryce Mitchell Charles wrote Sir fighting on. Ufc fight pass early on so yeah. It's one main event after the next and just just going to be crazy man. Seventy five fighters eight days your success. I met Francis Jersey Rosen's strike. I think that's the fight. Obviously against Ferguson. I WANNA see fight. Anybody all the five. I think he's the guy. I think I say this every time we talk about him but he's the guy that nobody wants to deal with. Because we fight conor you're fighting a giant name. It's a huge payday for everybody cowboys. Houston GATES. He's a big name but he's not on that level so you take your fighting this animal with with With a tremendous risk and not as much reward as as you would want from a guy like connor so I think just the fact that he's getting this title shot is is really great and it's not great luck but it's it's great that the lined up this way for him. Yeah I think you're right and a big reason why he's getting it. Is Tony Ferguson? Because Tony Ferguson. Believes that gateway is richly deserving of championship opportunity in the UFC interim belt or otherwise. Yeah but you're absolutely right about just engaged in Tony. Ferguson is very much cut from that. Same cloth two guys who just relish going into that dark place. That guys like me never wanted to go to as an athlete you know what I mean. They live in those dark places as you. You were a runner. No I mean I've always been a roller. I was the captain of my high school basketball team but if I went to a big public school there's no way I would have been. The captain logged any appreciable minute so athletic career was aided by going to a small school but I played varsity tennis basketball high school choice. Sean I'm five. Nine twin brothers like five eight and three quarters so that's really all the matter Shimmy right. Yeah Yeah Yeah. That's all that you definitely ruled the roost. Because you are taller you aren't you Jimmy. I tell people five eleven. Five six is probably more more true five six also but I feel like I'm sixty you do. But you're a former champion thank you. I've taken six kickboxing classes. You have a reason to feel alpha. You know what I find interesting guys is that I was reading that just engaging with not taking a short was fight against Khabib. I guess it'd be and he did Tony Ferguson. L. Because the style wise but it shows you his mentality because he knows he'll be fighting those take downs and that could be grueling. I don't think Tony's going for a fucking take down. He knows that this is going to be just a bond burner of just fisticuffs and elbow. Shore that Rashad Halloween Eddie? Bravo know what Tony's going to do. I'm not even sure. Tony knows acutely what he's GonNa do on fight night you know. He has really had a pension for sort of making adjustments and going with the flow of a fight. And it's just incredible the resume and the body work that Tony is put together and I hope I'm not a broken record when I am laying out Ferguson's credentials but it's like to do what he has done and to have never have competed for the sports. Ultimate prize is almost criminal crazies. A first ballot hall of Famer. Who put together the greatest lightweight winning streak ever right? He had double digit wins at fifty five before Khabib and yet no one talks about him as being on the Mount. Rushmore of is one of the four greatest fighters of all time and is prominently in that discussion. So Ferguson is putting a lot of his legacy on the line as well and I'm just excited for all the athletes. We talked to all these guys. I know you I mean. Could these guys sound anymore? Ready for these fights like they're all just chomping at the bit like the fans. You might be John. I'm wondering I'm looking at. I wonder if because of Tony at one point had one fight a year and in twenty six teen. He fought twice so maybe it was just like. I'm not saying OUTTA sight outta mind. No one forgets Tony Ferguson. Fighters that your first thoughts might be somebody who's been fighting more actively but you're right. I don't know why he hasn't spoken about in the top five fighter conversation every time. It comes up the first time that I heard about. Kabibi Tony Fighting. I was on a van with Joe Silva after Tony Ferguson had beaten Edson Barboza two thousand fifteen and so I said to Joe I said Oh you gotta give Tony a title fight right now. And he's like no. I WANNA do Ferguson. Let's go bieber. Magomedov essentially dates to two thousand fifteen. And you're right since then has been an active schedule and I think that's certainly is hurt. Him At least in the in the court of public opinion. Yeah well. I'm almost as excited even though again. There's no long standing dream of Ferguson. Fighting Justin Gage. He I think from purified perspective. I am looking forward to this more than I would've with Kazaa and again I'm saying that now because it's not happening but I I like watching gay Xi fight for a title and I think it's really fair so whichever one of these guys fights Habib after. It's a great fight but this fight. I'm looking for two as much or more than I would have against him fighting and the Gateway Bhatia Work Mattie outside the UFC right with successful title. Defenses and everything else. I'm just happy like you are Jim that he's getting a champion shot in the UFC. Because he certainly is earning well. Listen I have no dog in the race or is it a horse in the race with about? I will say this if it will he wins. Obviously we want. We've been waiting forever for that. Fight happened with him in a beam. But I would be equally if not more just intrigued to see the fight between just engaging in Abib because of the way that the styles clash because nobody's able to take down just engaging ground and pound because there's wrestling's out good he uses it strictly to stay up and not the wrestle. Just can't take them down. Just get up and work as kicks in his punches and he's got such a good gas tank could he'll be he gets pissed. Holy could be a do what he does to everybody else to just engage or could just get up an inflict our age. Just fuck man. That's why they play the Games and obviously could be and Justin had the same manager. Elliot so they have intimate knowledge of each other and some have suggested the. Maybe that's why I was so ready to go because he was getting updates on copy before some other people. Oh no doubt. He is maximized the extra three weeks. He got but I think he was pretty damn ready to go on April eighteenth but yeah man. It's all in front of and if the Habib Tony Fight doesn't happen a six time because of just gateway at least a fighter will have gotten in the way of it instead of a of a global crazy circumstances. And I'll tell you another. I don't know if it's been signed yet. But Woodley Against Gilbert Burns on the twenty third. That's a fight that I can't wait to see either because Gilbert Burns looked incredible I mean it was a very brief fight against Damian Meyer. But he's one of the few guys that has any experience now fighting with no audience and he said it made him a little. We talked to him a little nervous because of the sound. You're hearing that. You're not use to hearing so everybody fighting for the first time without a crowd. It's give me interesting to see how they respond to that. Yeah and Gilbert Torino. Burns is on a roll. He could be top five and two divisions but it is a real part of this equation for the fighters and I've been asked a lot leading up to the fights atmospherically. What's it going to be like for you guys? Call the fights candidly for me. It's like I got forty six athletes to master so I focused on the preparation. The what it's going to be like in that atmosphere and that arena. We have a call later today to go over some marching orders. Ufc wise but it's going to be weird but you know Jimmy. These cancer pretty noise cancelling your focused on the action. I'm not sure it's GonNa feel as differ to us as people think it Mike. While I'm so claustrophobic I always wear one on one off and I feel like I'm getting a little hot here like it's going a little with. I always leave one off because I feel like I'm GonNa Fishbowl and I have to be for many reasons terrible play by play announcer because I'd be too distracted by the noise around me. I have to hear the outside. I can't have my headphones on Mighty. They would kill me. John me you something the quarantine. What's an average day for you. How you breaking up the day? What are you doing so You know we were doing the home schooling for a while. Now it's the distance learning that is more associated with the school so there's legitimate work that has to get done like our kids have legitimate work that has to be completed. So it's a big part of the undertaking. One of us is assigned to my one and a half year old son at all times. He's head to head smashes over the fifty five days or so but it's been really hard you know. I know people have much harder. Circumstances than I'm dealing with but just with the three kids getting restless. The older one is starting to get concerned. The daddy's leaving so the kids have sort of been at the at the center of everything that I've been doing but I can't wait to get out of here. Man Just I gotta get Outta here. I really do. I think I'm a better father when I have a little bit of that separation and a I'm ready to go and and hopefully I think the big question for us is when we get home. What exactly are we going to do? Are we in quarantine away from our kids for forty eight hours or so? We don't know exactly what the Protocols GonNa be. But that's probably at the forefront of my concern right now as to how to handle it when I do come home. Isn't it nice to be working though like isn't it nice to have something to focus on and because there's so many people that are just literally running in circles hoping for check because they can't work their jobs are not open so just to be mentally focused on something like man? I'm really lucky to have a job that I'm still able to do that. Is the RUB right there. And we were so prepared for April eighteenth that I felt like I had already prepped. Sixty percent of that show so while everybody else was shouting boredom I was completely immersed in pay per view preparation and have been really for the better part of a month. I've never been in a better place in terms of my fighter cards in my preparation for UFC to forty nine. I'm used to having a bunch of shows leading into these patients. Dark for two months so I'm just ready to go boys speaking about being prepared. I think this the the fact that just got push-back Justin's fight would would tony. I get to help them. I mean a lot for other people. It's only a couple of weeks later. That does mean a lot for if I can. It really does. And we make a big difference if he says he had eighteen or nineteen minutes. Pure hell for Tony. A few weeks ago in theory to see twenty-five minutes of Health Forum. Now right well he's got the same mentality regardless but I definitely yes. It could do nothing but help him. The fact that the fight got wander for a guy like Francis in Gato who I think is the athlete that I've talked to you guys about probably the most in our time. He has built over the years. He's been going hard for like sixteen weeks and I do think you get to a point where it's just too much. I mean all indications are that. He's handled it pretty well. But for him and Rosen strike. I mean these guys have been in camps since like January. One roses strike seems dialed in though man. We had him on here the other day he. I mean I'm thinkin `bout asking him you still used to your power believing your power now you're fighting arguably the most powerful heavyweight ever knew Z. Does it kind of missile? You Game Plan and I don't think this guy's GonNa be looking for any disguise. I don't think he truly believes innes striking and look at his last fight..

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