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But is he capable? He's kind of like a microcosm of the whole Texans. You see the burst. And you say, wow, he could do that. And I see Sean have a game. And I say he could do that. I see JJ a game or a sack, and I say he could be that. But they're not always that. And that's what you so hard to count for because Sean gave you nine rushes for seventy yards. So you have the thing work. What scares you about him skip? If you run past him as a as a Russia when you play these guys that are mobile when you play like Mahomes or you play a KM or Sean ever Russia. If you run past them, they will jump out the window, and they're gone. They're gone. So you have to be very cautious. How you right? You just can't run up the field, Tom, right? I'm not worried about it. Because even if he jumps I guess what I can back and chasing before this guy's going to go thirty plus. Yeah. And so the question is skip. Like, I said they can beat everybody, but they can San Diego could go there and beat them cans. Kansas City, San Diego has a type of office Philip rivers because think about what they're going to go against with the exception of Kansas City. All these quarterbacks are veteran quarterbacks big being thirteen fourteen years, Philly I've ever thirteen fourteen years. We know what Tom Brady represents. So. Yes, can they get to the AFC championship game? Absolutely. But they could also be like a year fast one in doing you get the right match up on the wrong day. I agree. But this doesn't feel like a one and done. This doesn't feel like your father's texts. Ryan, you're okay. Don't have case Yates or one of those guys do still have the same head coach Bill Brian. And I don't love him. And I'm not sure I would if he stays out of Shawn's way unless dish on playmate for him war. It'd be very interested skip if they get the New England Patriots because you're gonna patriots having won a row playoff games in two thousand seven when they beat San Diego lost their last will had all kinds of trouble winning playoff games at New England winning games in general the last place you wanna go. Yeah. Is New England in the playoff. Yeah. 'cause they don't problem. They don't lose very often in a team that to beat them you have to bludgeon them defense. Yeah. If you look at the teams that have had success. The Baltimore Ravens really the team that comes to mind. Yeah. And they play defense. They do they hit you in the mouth. Now, they have type defect can do that. They do at the question the way Honey badgers flying around. He can cover the sly, and he can do a number on your tidy. He can cut your tight end. He can do it. Yes. So that's the question skip. But when that temperature gets down to ten fifteen degree, are you still don't wanna put your hand of that dirt and come up on. Not sure is the X factor in AFC playoffs that are. Fascinating. I can remember in years load where it's loaded with X factors. Like, what are they going to do? Because we today if New England and everybody else right now, it's not like that. Because we we're talking about other. Okay. San Diego could do some damage. We know what the Steelers become they have a hotline offense Kansas City. Right. But you can't count the pain us pass the Texans and the Bengals were just fodder. Yeah. You know, they go around fodder one and done or unless they played each other. Then somebody had to win and go for correct, right? Yep. It's interesting. You mention the Texans. And who they've but first team in NFL history to start Owen three. And then when eight straits still. Yes. The Cowboys are rolling right now. I heard that Shannon, three straight wins. But they're still a seven and a half point underdog at home against the saints Thursday on FOX, and yeah, it doesn't help Dallas that the saints are the hottest team in the NFL with ten straight wins..

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