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Nice to run double for tommy fam- padres for giants. Nothing were common. Top of the fifth and eric hosmer is up with two outs. This would leave us if it holds one single game behind the giants in the national league west and by the way big series coming up dodgers are at cincinnati giants host. The atlanta braves. Who still are in a divisional race. So big games for the braves. This weekend could turn the whole thing. We got win at cincinnati and atlanta's got beat up on san francisco two losses in a row. Maybe maybe let's hope that maybe they hit the skids. Maybe the maybe they're hot. Streak is over by the way ireland. Not you tweeted out the results of our fantasy football match. Laxatives nice to you. I tweeted out the results. Before i played waller on monday and waller added fifteen points. Yeah you know. Somebody called downey tweets as well. It's only one week. Be a goldfish a goldfish there. You go. Are you up to speed on ted lasso i am. I am where he mentioned the shame walk. I don't know if people know this. The woman who yelled shame and rang the bell when sursee made the naked walk to the red key. Famous actress right. It's the lady who plays the owner on on ted lasso. Oh is it yeah. Hannah waddington the woman who plays i forget what her name is. But ted lassos. Boss is the one who rang the shame bill. Oh i never knew that. Yeah i know that there was a there was i think it was diana rigg. That was in game of thrones. That was really famous shoes in the house when she was younger. Did you see jason's today 'cause next year getting one million dollars an episode for ted lhasa. Well it's the hottest show on tv. It's so good. It's so good all right. So let's talk about this lakers thing. So it's being reported that rich. Paul has indicated that anthony davis is gonna play the five and lebron. James is going to play the four obviously russet to one. The impact of this is huge because every all of the most effective lineups for the lakers. This year over the past few years has had anthony davis at the five and remember we're less. Do you realize we're less than a month away from the first preseason game well in the first preseason games against the nets against in what could be a preview of the nba finals. That's crazy day. I keep telling you about where the lakers dodgers rams all play. Basically at the same time all in a. it starts with dodgers at noon at dodger stadium last game of the regular season against milwaukee. Then twelve thirty lakers nets staples one o'clock rams cardinals at so-fi well on october third. Wow exciting for everything. Yeah that's going to be an absolutely crazy day in l. a. sports and and you know who knows what that will mean for the dodgers. They could be it could be forever. It's terrible that we draw milwaukee in the last series of the year. That is really bad. Luck very good. Yeah but they may be. You know who knows what teams may be locked in. They may already be locked in. You're right and then they won't throw brandon would refer corbin burns or any other aces at us because they're lining up their rotation for the postseason. I think we're gonna see first of all. I think we're gonna get dodgers giants in the first round of the playoffs no matter what happens. Not in the wildcard game. No not in the wildcard game but in the first round. So dodgers win the wild card game. Play giants in the First round of the playoffs and lds or giants when the playoff game dodgers giants first round and lds. Were for the first time. Ever going to have a matchup between the dodgers and the giants and the postseason ever happened before would be just an absolute throwdown for history. And if you're joining us four. Nothing padres. Bottom of the fifth in san francisco. So there there. I think can hang on. It's one game giants over the dodgers by one. Game ricardo balanced. Walea tweeted me or actually emailed. You can always email the show. Venice mesa Some comments from dave flemming. I think it's dave flemming who's the castors for the giants as really good. He says we're pin to the rule. Change about the sticky substances that changed the dodgers team. They're still good. Still really good walker. Bueller can no longer throw a fastball. One after another by the giants. Julio can no longer blow the giants away with pure stuff. It changed those guys. It did that to me changed the season. The dodgers have been impacted by that more than anybody which i view as total and complete garbage. The dodgers pitching staff has had a two point six six era since the crackdown on june. The twenty first. That is the best in major league baseball and better than the three point. Two two they had earned run. Average has actually improved since the crackdown on the sticky substances. This is a reach by like dave but this is a reach for day fleming. Well in the article came out at the beginning of the season in sports illustrated. They said that the team that was doing the most of the sticky sticky substance a source said was and it wasn't even close was the dodgers and so i think davis probably piggybacking off that but it's interesting that the people that he mentioned because the people that he mentioned are all in the cy young race yes since the crackdown. Bueller is seven and three. With two twenty-seven era is eight and one with a two point three eight era. Those are two guys he mentioned specifically and they have been better since the crackdown than they were. Before the the the dodgers pitching staff the reason it's so good is those three guys sherzer bueller eureka's if you wanna pick on the other guys go ahead but if you draw one of those three guys chances are you're losing can you believe we're in a world where clayton kershaw might be the game four starter or he might be the game one starter depending on how the we depending on how we go down to the wire you're right. If if it goes down to the wire we're not going to be able to set a rotation which would be really difficult to To set up the playoff or to or to set up a one game playoff like we may not have the luxury of throwing scherzer. A one game playoff. Yeah hey let me. Go back to the lakers thing. I ask please. Because i think.

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