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With steve big horse racing handicapping interviews. This is really stupid. Very good thursday race ban serious to nineteen exempt to a one sports. Nine sixty four feet listening to sirius. Xm online sports and at our website to the dot com. I i'm pausing. Because i literally thought i was going to sneeze the second that kc through the switch. I still got to pick up the morning where we left off a little bit yesterday and The to a late breaking stories as mentioned the greatest honor issue that is going to make make the top end of the derby. Hit list a little theater. That obviously he's got its ramifications not the least of which opening the door for somebody down further down The point list Very very disappointed For the atoms and particularly. I made that mentioned immediately shook as one himself derby and this really felt like a great opportunity. Even if you know even if you thought that greatest honor wasn't going to be fast enough for derby but the atoms of put tremendous amount into the game and in the meantime they do have a multiple graded stakes three year old winter. And he'll be he'll be back at this is You know one of those one of those things that we get on a regular basis and You hope it's the last issue of that kind really and It's it's nothing major other than You know the turnout and a little. You know a little freshening. So greatest honor has the season placed on On hold we'll talk about the the opportunity that it affords on a wider basis In in a minute. When i talk about the lexington field because there's some funny things going on On that front and of course the focus has been the last couple of days since we had the early. Draw for the arkansas derby. That's the the big point bonanza with the one hundred forty twenty and ten and the participants their concert tour hosier and number river and superstock. I mean among the those are the five of the of the sex. You've got last. Samurai taking a swing from the heels But the inclusion of some horses in that field for the lexington and some names that we knew that for instance that proxy and and unbridled honor were showing up and there were a couple of of interesting additions including visas baffert sending be so since a right away people. Were you know a buzz It would be. I be sosa's not the even with a big effort. I mean at twenty points is not going to put you right in the in the body of of the derby field however there are some horses that turned up in here most notably hockey dad and doug. O'neill this is. This is an interesting participant. Going back to the dirt and you did win an allowance at santa anita on the dirt going six back in february. Don't forget that game against cal breads but this is. This is a calibrate with a little something extra to paul rhythm home. Read by nyquist and dad ran well enough in the ruby to be third and that got him twenty points and so a a win by hockey dead absolutely puts him in the derby and even a second and eight points. Twenty eight is going to be knocking on the door. Depending on what everybody else you know the some of the ones that are unsure about participation. So that was a notable hockey dad was a notable participant joining in here The rest of that lexington field and it's a fun race richard. Baltimore has got that maiden winter From the beginning of march noble reflection the liam's map and swiftsure turns up in here who for to going back to november and january. Forgotten about this source. Frankly santa farms home-bred that Asmussen equines involved in so swift shore. These osas mentioned off the maiden win. The improvement still got gotta get faster but certainly came back and zipped nicely out of that win a fifty eight and four workout. The other day drayton dyke gets aboard. rat or teased by the way Aboard swift shore and have your castellano for noble reflection. It's my house who was sitting with one point It's my house bob. S out of that turf paradise win and this was a late nominee to the triple crown So you know. Chances are his participation here a prep for preakness unbridled honor. Todd pletcher told you here last week that the this is a a preakness concept five points. For the honor code mandy pope home-bred coming out of a a not terrible forth in the tampa bay derby you got leper peru writing back Mario gutierrez and hockey dad for doug o'neill as mentioned johnny v and proxy And this is. Strictly a speculative inclusion steadham said no decision on proxy for derby Until after this race. He's already if he wants to. Participate already can so. This is a an evaluative effort You would think if he runs great. He runs in the derby if he runs. Good here you'd think they might wait for preakness with him. Ultimate badger for dale romans and Jim becky and jerry is mr. I did notice that i saw baqi. I saw jim back. He's got a horse with the think with pleasure somewhere else that caught my eye but ultimate badger and corey landry Good second in the hutchison stretches back out so had wondered allowance. Churchill go to mile and a sixteenth as a two year old so ultimate badger commissioner colt. Who's okay might. Just be a steady developer king fury. Ken mcpeek making the three-year-old seasonal debut. Getting going here for circle three chimneys. This was the nine hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Saratoga you'll recall that Wanted i asking one the street sense. you know kind of ran around the track in the breeders cup and popped and stopped in the kentucky jockey club and then starring in my dreams dowa stewart and actually ran okay in the louisiana derby and had a career best fig and lewis iras aboard brian hernandez junior sticks with king fury by the way and started in my dreams draws the outside it seems like starting to my dreams either draws the rail or the widest post. He's he's five extremes. So there's your there's your derby picture with just the two races. Saturday left to determine The point standings. And you know the you know the situation that has got a few courses. Like as mentioned proxy rob our sainthood all pending crowded trade seemingly headed to preakness Way burn is on the list. The revised list that darren rogers put out yesterday afternoon after the greatest honor news and i also told you that rebel romance the godolphin. Uae darby winner is destined for belmont. So those two came off and so right away forces that were sitting you know twenty one and twenty two moved up and there's still room for more move up. I keep. I keep drawing the line below obese. Ohs frankly i think that he's actually the The bottom marker right now and jose technically as your might even be as well so we'll know everything we need to know.

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