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Texas health care facilities to test for corona virus to Tom Ingles with the health resources and services administration says thirty one million dollars will be divvied up among seventy two different health centers that follows seventy six million that came in earlier in April an additional five million that came in March just for Texas Ingle says the money can also be used for training and outreach lab services and protective equipment is now six thirty five president Donald Trump held a corona virus briefing in the White House rose garden on Monday he says he requested those who work at the White House to wear masks up for him in my case I'm very far away from everyone but if you look at all of those people over there everyone of them from what I see these are White House staffers there White House representatives the White House executives that everybody has a mask on the request after two White House employees one of president trump's personal valets vice president Mike pence's press secretary Katie Miller that's wife of Stephen Miller tested positive for corona virus three of the nation's leading public health experts the ones who space as you see it all the press briefings they are going to be testifying before a Senate panel but all of them will have to be socially distance from the committee the chairman of the Senate health committee Tennessee Republican Lamar Alexander is staying home in self quarantine for fourteen days after a member of his staff tested positive for covert nineteen still Alexander's chairing today's hearing with doctor Anthony Fauci FDA commissioner Dr Steven Hahn and other administration officials responsible for carrying out the government's corona virus response the witnesses are appearing by video conference a democratic led house committee requested testimony from Sauchie last week the administration denied that request president trump dismissed the house is a set up filled with trump haters Jared Halpern fox news is now six thirty seven even paying any attention over the last three and a half years the leftist tried to destroy this president consistently using the deep state than impeachment now they're using apparently covert nineteen here's Katie are just close Saunders live with that yeah they're not using the virus itself a political analyst at Beecher Jetta says it's given them an opportunity to tear down what the president built economically because of their reaction to it policies bring put in place in American states around the country at the federal level that R. is political and not tied to the actual virus health problems for instance closing nonessential businesses in Harris County until may twentieth ordering you to cover your face in public Georgia says the left just can't deal trump successfully put in place free market principles showed America again free markets and inspiring the private economy actually works as opposed to what's failed time and time again and what they actually want socialism all right thank you well used to city leaders will unveil next year's proposed budget later today the mayor pushing for a monthly garbage B. and one way to help offset an expected a hundred to two hundred million dollar shortfall he says is caused by the pandemic Ellen trucks clear it with the Texas public policy foundation says a tax hike is the last thing the local government should be looking at I hope that this is really an opportunity for them to say yes we do need to take a hard look at whether or not every dollar that we're spending is going to get you such is his green new deal taking the city to renewable energy trucks players as yearly audits always show areas where local governments can tighten their belts and that's what they should be doing focusing on bad during what is become just a disastrous time for everybody our news time six thirty nine well you might be able to listen to the answers on the radio Major League Baseball owners have reportedly agreed to a delayed season plan that could start around the fourth of July eighty two games may be regional match ups limiting travel playoffs expanded to fourteen teams no fans in the stands now the players this is the crux of players would receive a percentage of their twenty twenty salaries based on MLB revenues but the union has to agree to it I'm sure a fryer in Houston's news weather and traffic station newsradio seven forty KTRE H. Michael berry only endorses Texas renters dot com for property management needs while you're at home stop going out in public places listen on your smart just say Alexa it is a six forty nine traffic weather in just a moment first though we were a fan of the office your watch that watch a couple of them me too the British was funny it was I agree but it was a pretty good show John Krasinski may remember him from that show Jenna Fischer part of that show John because this game does a podcast now that is golds was some good news and basically that's what he does is he looks for positive things to talk about one of the things he did in one of his recent episodes of some good news was performed a virtual wedding John.

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