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As well and all of them feel he should lee. I feel he should lead a gun like that does not belong in a small market. A guy like that needs to be on center stage with the eyes of the of the basketball world descending upon him because he's that kind of talent he's that big time but if you're going to sit up there and say well he ain't going anywhere we're going to keep them here they don't you need to exhaust every means and measure to make sure he has what he needs. Don't you need to alter your if neela shake if you start max. He's been there nine years. They've gotten out of the first round three times again. I'm not saying the man can't coach. i'm not saying he doesn't know what he's doing. I'm not saying he doesn't belong to a head coach. Nate mcmillan did a good job in indiana. But he didn't get out of the first round. He lost his job. He ended up going to atlanta and showing that he needed to be in a better market than indiana or better situation. Derry terry stotts is not the guy that is going to get. This particular boston portland trailblazers roster to any any kind promise. Show everybody that. I g post because we talked about it a little bit before. We didn't have it and i'm told that we have now there. You can see the nipsy russell quote the whole thing. Obviously no accident that he's putting that out there after that loss we'll speaking hustle. He's feeling himself because he's got the keys to the city. I mean you look matt matt matt. Yeah before you go. I just got a text from somebody They will remain nameless but they got the. Let's just say they have incredible credibility when it comes to basketball and they mentioned to me. Call anthony towns. Maybe right portland and you make a move involving merkich mccollum all wealthy and bringing and bringing anthony towns to join to join and another person that i'm not saying golden station. Ever give him up and he should have considered leaving. But if paul and had a shot to get draymond green and a call anthony town. Yep now you're damian lillard now you're is worth thinking about still ain't gonna win but now you're talking. Here's the problem. Here's the problem you'll shea is an excellent gm. But he's not like one of the three best in the league starts is an excellent coach also agrees not one of the three best coaches in the league. Damian lillard is a great player. he's not one of the three best players in the league or six best players in the league. Or maybe he's top ten in some years and the problem is that entire franchise from lillard to the to. The coach is competent enough to be good. You're never gonna have a crazy high draft pick and not good enough frankly to win a championship so absolutely they have to make a big bold move for a player at least as good as dame if they want to win a championship and keep lillard by the way. Are we having this compensation because damian lillard wants apparently is considering leaving all we have in this conversation because once again. We're looking for help for lebron james. Why are we having this conversation. I just want to know. I'm not saying the competition be had. I just wanna know. What is i ted. I think that's a legitimate question. We need to revisit saying we need to consider. Let's take a deep breath and we need to consider before this show is answering the question. Are we having this conversation about damian. Lillard meeting the leave portland all we have in this conversation because once again yet another season has come up and we're thinking about the help that lebron james we're not gonna have lebron slander on this show today. We'll get into that question as far as dame taking his team to the playoffs last eight seasons in those playoffs twenty to thirty point games so clutch as red province. Robbins voice-over artist. I'm here to explain bottomless. 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Patrick school falls may rowi- guy smith all Tonight not next year to have a full season everyone went up especially the guy that you know bomb. Second her live this year Bodies bodies get ready for next season. So i'm gonna do you get right back to the way. This year went into season. Feeling that you have to prove stuff all over again a little bit now. I don't. I don't have to throw anyone but i'm not going to wait a while at that. Everyone is saying the concert territory. You know when you're a player by caliber guys are gonna expect things you say. Thanks from you whether whatever. The reason is is My dad bill the floor. So i don't have anything to anyone that's outside this look all right. So eighty tried to play through the pain but wasn't able to add anything no points. One rebound one assist. He exited after only five and a half minutes in the first. He's had eight injuries. This season alone. Charles barkley referring to mistreat clothes. He's missed a third of the potential games over the last three years. Nba champion kendrick perkins starting the conversation before we get into the debate. I understand stephen you. It's something that you wanted to address. Yeah yeah we were talking about. Damian lillard a bit early I just Somebody reach out to me One one one of the play as apparently a lot of people have been eliminated over the last couple of days. As you all know and as a result especially when damian lillard got eliminated last night Several calls all have come their way You got a lot of teams about six or seven. Different teams. believe they can get their hands on them. They think they've got a shot. One of them includes the knicks who scheduled to have about seventy five million cap space along with some pics but also the clippers the miami heat And who knows what the lakers may try to do. Stay tuned to jamie. A little news could ultimately be percolating. Little bit sooner than later much to my surprise clippers are still playing and the clip is still playing ping all right Stephen let's get back to. Anthony davis great information. I'm glad you got that and they're really interesting stuff. How.

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