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Really hot what's this what's his name right Baluch I mean sorry really eyeless really I sounds like she's in the middle of fornication copulation probably probably actually the video is slightly disturbing yeah being as a result of what she has a nose bleed in the video and she's putting it all over face of the whole thing is weird but it's a popular song and sounds like a bunch of freaks to me it saw I mean I'm not even really familiar with her but it's a really popular song right now Hey some kind of blood libel what does the blood represent that's right I don't want to go there Jeez don't start what I know what that's all about and you see it's freaky tiki stuff like that a bad guy the song that gets guy use into a mindset where they can either be a stand up nice guy like our own Brian mon Lou to see himself millennial that I hate I low they despise but he acts like thirty six he acts like he's eighty six yeah we come all man all ma'am on the loot and when we were putting together our whole bows store earlier today for going out of the many topics we could talk about with Steve we wanted to bone about for all audience o'brien he couldn't wait he said all this proves it you see documentary evidence that proves nice guys don't finish last they actually finish first well hell you talking about in the long run in the what do you the long yeah I mean this is this is a long game to it so like you have the the bad guy he was get the girl right like when bam thank you ma'am but the good guy gets the girl and the matter is that girl so is this the long term effect what what fairytale fable have you is reading none is I think it's it's true well I will say that Brian's wife Deanna is very attractive she's very successful she's just like a perfect ten it honestly well you know why because she has this blind trust then that's not true Ryan pimps off that's why they live in a you know I mean no offense frames a movie star then brought he is safe right you say you know he goes home he puts on his B. V. D.'s his for the loans know what it is any drinks a six pack of beer Brian is not one of these millennials these young millennials who've been married who feels like he's still got a you know bro it out like he's he's like look you know go home house one with my way Phil yeah you know we we we do things on the weekend it's just that it's understood that she's going to be with me when I do go out with my friends and that is the thing was so no she doesn't she doesn't right not all the time and then you're not you're not but you have to admit when you would wind up prime on glue chain you in high school and all of a sudden you're home alone she was starting to work overtime then you were getting no play because of bad guys were the ones that the gals were like willow they couldn't get enough of yes I I I will do that but with that sentiment but some girls didn't like that thing that was more of a turn off a hundred percent and here's the thing about bad guys what it is it's less about them being bad guys then about them acting disinterested in you that is from whether you're male or female when somebody you're kind of like he you know they're interesting when they don't show you the attention when they act like they're not interested in you it's the I mean is is like catnip for people we loved it's reverse osmosis hundred percent itself when jetset Juliet with young and as you said from being what I wanted young yeah still young yeah not a teen aged ulcer not that you've described yourself refrain from P. and dumpy no I didn't no I wasn't from PR you said you thought I was a little I was off to kill okay yes I mean I was you know all right so you weren't like miss cheerleader me so I was a cheerleader but then middle my sophomore year I moved down from from Briar cliff high school down to Washington DC northern Virginia and I started watching baseball all day long like to make friends right away drinking beer no I wouldn't know I was a little high school guy was eating you know whatever on the lunch I just sat there stuffing my face watching TV all day watching the Orioles all day and I gained a bunch wait all of a sudden yeah I can I can usually whatever I want an office of my sophomore year that just want to help but be honest you were attracted to bad boy when I got older I was more attracted to yeah more attracted to guys who acted like they were interested me Noth her money but you know but still the bad guy reputation girls have said just show me a guy who plays by the rules it's kind of like you want it you almost want to tame them it's a sort of a challenge like you wanna you wanna chain of you're gonna be the girl that will make this guy who cannot be nailed down who could not you know he will not commit you're gonna be the girl that does that that was more in my my little crazy that's right dressing yeah I'm a woman's perspective yes but then you then you realize after going through horrific situations with these these bad boys that you are growing that yeah that's the last thing you want and you're about sixty eight years old and all of a sudden you decide to settle down well Michigan State University Michigan State University came up with this side this this research and they say that at the end of the day women like to find even then like to find a nice pleasant partner that's more important yes David divorce like eight times you know it's like they were already getting social security or Medicare Hey it's time to settle down stop chasing skirts up being a bad boy I don't buy that ladies and gentlemen do you agree with my manga Lucia Cole margin and she had said Juliet who says she matured later on in life well we we yours truly that women have always like to bad boys able we secretly lusted for guys who are like on the edge I find that someone attractive now well I mean I mean not to bring up but did you marry any better voice yeah he did take yeah okay I mean maybe yeah a guy that I didn't even know how to child well yeah I was a hundred fighters yeah that was but I would say that you've been a bad boy column right because I was a Johns of bag no no he's always been he's not a cheater he's not he was always very but he looks like a bad boy it looks like yeah so then I have by a vote by the best yeah yeah my number is one eight hundred eight four ray W. A. B. C. ya ya I can already choke you know so that's right you had said you have the same thing is is that an organic version of an artichoke so you're a good art teacher yeah the safe but my wife she's in that way to measure yeah what is it aren't you choke what are you Joe so you don't peel the leaves right and eat it correctly the okay how you know you'll end up choking will choke on those leaves it's an artichoke what people you're not supposed to eat the holy verses you just a little needy end although I chew everything you would chew it all up this all with any you don't and then you know the Harley Jack with with so good I number is one eight hundred red W. A. B. that's one eight hundred eight four eight nine two two let's quickly go to John who's on the line in Staten Island welcome to courage and Jed said Juliet here at W. ABC Johnny I don't know what the model which there's a reason for it because you don't like it you look at your bill would you try to be that way respect pulled I would want that I mean if you look at the what people get miserable you know you got you're not happy he won't get married what do you talk about that looked like there was probable cause will model one got married at that's okay so you may bring the chroma ginger prosje Brian Mongol check out the a and a double wide body trail in the lives in in the south shore of Long Island in months of pizza I don't know and listen you would hope that after being burned by a couple bad boys that you will wake up you we we made sure we evolved because of our experiences and what we see other people going through and that's when you decide you know what I'm going to settle down and be with somebody who is not going to cheat on good she from Brian's point of view here he'd be queuing up you know with the rest of the guys hot to trot and the girls that were available would keep picking these bad boys and it's sort of like rubbed him the wrong way so he said to himself I'm just going to have to wait to I'm an old curmudgeon before I can settle down you got you guys get started dating how long ago Brian started dating six years ago when you were how old twenty five twenty four I mean that's pretty young you know twenty four to bend the way he said for an average a millennial hipster I would agree with that young but let's face it Brian twenty five is like being fifty watt for Brian yeah but what is life right Deanna is like she's really help you know she's she's definitely trendy she's awesome and then points hello this is younger than you yeah okay you got lucky you got really lucky right Brian I actually got lucky yes she's an feet are fortunate also she is too he next that's true he never ever dismisses her he never says anything negative about her he's just he's like a big he's her biggest cheerleader and that is something that every woman should aspire is a little on your little angel I'm a dream to be with the only thing you did you have been added to my I know I know why I'll be with you see what you did yet said true yeah he's going to be walking around like he's on cloud nine on the Long Island Rail Road going back to give me looking at all the women like yeah that's right yeah I'm yeah my way see you could have be you could add Brian Mungo Lewis and but okay you over there though Mr a one two four they doing bad boy ever you are so it was so not the bad boy which I again Brian and I have to like stop ourselves from laughing because sometimes we'll hear you'll start to get really quiet in your office but your doors open of course and you obviously have terrible hearing because you think that you're being quiet but we can hear you to protect protect with Nancy it's like that is when you.

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