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This is Brewer's weekly. Why, from the annex Welcome Manifest studios at Radio City. Here's Mack Cali. A good Thursday evening to you welcome into the show and hours worth of Brewers talk. Nothing like talking about baseball when it's 12 degrees outside, But that's OK. We're getting closer and closer to spring training. I guess we don't technically know when things get started. But still everything is on pace for an on time start. There's actually a letter that was sent this past week that was signed by a bunch of the mayors of the local municipalities throughout the Phoenix area to Major League Baseball on behalf of the Cactus League, asking That spring training be delayed a bit, but Basically right now it looks like they are in route to starting on time. The players don't want to take less money this year. You play less than 1 62 the undertaker try to get him to take less money from a collective bargaining standpoint, Major league Baseball doesn't have a whole lot of room to stand on right now. So I say all that to say this I think we're getting significantly closer to spring training getting under way, and I think there's a pretty good shot that things will get started on time, including the regular season and if they don't It will not be that much delayed. We'll just have to wait and see if we have big program coming up. Today. We are excited here in a few minutes were set to be joined by one of the newest members of the Brewers. Daniel Robertson, who's really going to go into spring training with an opportunity to compete and try to win that starting third base job. Lot of people talk about him is one of those guys that has the opportunity, the potential to really be a breakout kind of player later on in his career, we see that every once in a while, there's a few guys out there that We're prospects never really gained the traction that they wanted to gain and then they're into their late twenties and all of a sudden, for whatever reason, something clicks and there is certainly some hope that that could be Daniel Robertson. He got a major league deal. There's not a lot of major league deals out there right now. Things are picking up a little bit, but Daniel Robertson's gonna join us. And just a few moments also, Oh, we're gonna talk about Sarah. Good room. She is been promoted as she becomes the model A kidding coordinator for the Brewers, the first woman to ever hold that position for a major league organization, which is, which is very cool and we'll talk about that a bit. We'll talk about Blaine Hardy signing make it into that Cactus League stuff. A little bit of well. There were some allegations that Major league Baseball actually encouraged the Cactus League and those respective mayors and city leaders to write that letter. Everybody is denying that that's the case. But there's a little bit of a conspiracy theory going along with that right now. And who knows what is true and what is not true. If you want Torto get involved with the program. You can always tweet at me at Matt Paulie on air M A T t p a u l E Y on Air Daniel Robertson, the newest member of the Brewers, He will join us next here. Ambrose weekly. It's such a beautiful night. Look at the stars. They're amazing. Did you know 20% of stars have planets orbiting them capable of sustaining life? How did you know that? You must spend a ton of time reading? Not at all. I used bleakest bling guest. Yeah, it's an after takes key insights from over 4000 non fiction bestsellers and gathers them into 15 minute blanks. For you to read or listen to. With Blink ist. You can learn the main points of an entire book in just 15 minutes, as opposed to days or weeks..

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