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You know member, he goes into the, he goes into the arena and his shorts so wrong, the wrong color. And he says to the guy, mop the floor, whatever. He's like shoot room. Really good. The guy goes doesn't really matter though, does it because it doesn't fucking here. Nobody cares about you and then he goes home and he's standing there. This is my favorite line in the history of film. He standing there Adrian wakes up, and she goes, what is? And he goes, can't beautiful. And she goes Apollo and he was year, and then she says to him, this is the greatest line in my personal life in a history of film. What are we going to do? Not what are you? Gonna do not all that sucks. Not phone it in not some phony support thorughout such a team, even though he's the one in the ring. She says, water, we gonna do it. That's fucking life. Man is great and you. Everybody's deserves to have someone in their life. Who when you say you're down, they say, what are we going to do? Yeah, and that's. And then you wrap that in sports. That's the puck and it's good man is great. That's good movies. I mean, I think I think rocky might be the best sports movie could be, and it's also, I mean, that's it's wrapped up in sloan's nursing cash. Jack, it's wrapped up in overrated semester Salone whole life of he was failing. He sold his dog and you pay. Back, no ten thousand dollars, three hundred dollars to pay rent. A guy wouldn't sell it back to them. And the thing was all of your. He refused also sell the screenplay without him starring and people wanted to buy, which is every one of us who are listening to this or in this room, who is a creator should live by. It's yours and if they don't want if they want it without you, fuck them. Gobi poor. I'll be in the process of that at this exact moment. Yeah, I'll be poor again. Yeah, motherfuckers I spent my whole life point. You think I care about going back to be in poor, go back to the norm. You think I give a shit about this right now. I mean, this is you know, untold unrelated. I mentioned up top patriot page for the show. If you guys. Trying to not be poor? No, no, I understand that it's your fucking you made and that was there's, there's a whole his what we don't know if you're right for you..

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