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We have other guests today as well. Michael give you as long as I'm talking like this. I might as well give you a preview, Um, Texas public policy. Law enforcement expert Randy Petersen on the idea. The scary idea. National Police force. 4 18 Mark mix. He is. One of those people who, um Well, he's a big right to work guy. And he doesn't like what he sees happening with healthcare workers right now forced into taking the vaccine. Houston Methodist sort of leading the way on that one. And then Jack Hagel coming up at 4 32 busy show. All right, Where was I? Oh, yeah. Evidently the only people upset about An Olympic athlete. She will be representing this country in the summer games. She's qualified. She came in third, so she will be one of the one of our Olympic athletes. Um She's Yes. She feels like she was ambushed. Yeah, they did, that They played the anthem on purpose to make me look bad. Really interesting theory when very, very interesting theory. But just to show that there's at least one person of color granted, they are conservative years I can tell Israelis, moderate Tyrus, Um Fox gave his opinion on what Gwen Berry did. We've had some issues in this country, especially as a black man. When I go to Tommy Smith, John Carlos Jesse Owens, who they had issues they fought. They wanted dignity, but they also wanted to see at the table. They wanted to show how much they love their country how much they belonged and human rights issues and they fought for it. This isn't it. Even it were taking a need on the baseball game. I have no problem with the professional athlete being a citizen taking respectful knee during the flag. If that's what you choose to do, why you still are honoring the flag. I have no issue. She turned her back on the flag. She was upset. They had the gall to what song would you think they're going to play at the Olympics? This very simply, Why are you even competing in the Olympics? If you hate the flag and the country so much if it's such a horrible place, why are you doing it? I'm literally wearing the shirt of a man who didn't believe in the Vietnam Muhammad Ali protested, lost. Two years in the prime of his career. Five years. I'm sorry, the prime of his career and he gave it up because what he believed in history looks back at him now as a hero, but at the time there was consequences for his actions, and he took it because he believed and what he stood for. So if it's this bad And you're this insulted. Why are you competing? Yeah. Why would you represent Country you evidently despise. By the way, she she she must have been prepared. She must have been prepared. I'm not buying the idea. That she didn't know that the anthem was coming. She had a T shirt that she held in her hand held up with her hand. Protest T shirt. Activists athlete. Here's what the shirt said. Okay? All right. You held that up, right? You just happen to have that in your hand? Just happen to have it. Guess you were more prepared than maybe even thought you were Gwen. All right? Okay? Well, let it go. Yeah, I'm not. I'm not. I'm not. I'm not a person who was suggests, by the way. That she shouldn't participate in the Olympics. I just question why she would Not saying that we should prevent her from participating. Go ahead, participate. And you can protested the Olympics if you want, But please know that it's still against International Olympic Committee rules so there may be consequences for your protest. If you're willing to stand up there and take the consequences for what you do. Hey, More power to you. All right, um, a day without a Biden Bumble is like a day without sunshine. There's no sunshine today, but we have a bumble anyway. This time it is President Biden. Talking about vaccinations. Yeah, and and trying to convince people of color to get a vaccination. He? Well, I guess I should just go and play. Mhm..

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