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Buying experience i wanna say thank you to all the debate as the designated bodies that have helped during the last couple of weeks bonnie back monday corny crowder's our final one tomorrow on news radio 1040 who hey z we're at ninety degrees already at twenty four after eleven o'clock news radio 1040 who my name is jeff angelo our question is obama care fix or repeal it five one five to eight four 1040 is the phone number and chris wants to weigh in so chris what do you think dixit or repeal it we need to get rid of it we need to repeal it i mean jonathan gruber area code at the architect of bill bennett with attack we kobe of people if they were open you know you off it if you really believe that they're gonna help the american people it's ridiculous hour va wait for all but we need to get rid of it i chris i appreciate that very much richard also was way and richard obamacare do we fix it or repeal it i believe we give the republic in the house and senate and the white house for reading and he and are not partner to do their job if i don't performer my job every day i'm gonna lose it if they don't perform at their job either going to get are not going to get elected night we're going to put somebody in their that can do the job that will stay there instead of going on vacation or wherever well you there and do the job we hired them to do they are servant of the people we ought not fail richard i appreciate it thanks very much in that his been that's a good summary of a lot of the voter anger that's out there if you have were republican and you were saying repeal he'll repeal repeal all these years and then when he got to you un some of them some of them.

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