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Think the media got it all wrong as to the real thrust of that letter. Einstein did not mean to say that. Well, God is nothing, but a fairytale no steeper than that. And then we'll see if you things about gene therapy, which is in the news. The Chinese have more or less reprimand Uday scientists in China who did this unauthorized experiment on humans and children were born with genetically modified genes. This is the first time it's been done and is causing tremendous amount of controversy. So we'll say few things about germline, gene therapy. And so Matty, gene therapy. And then we'll answer a few emails that I get one persistent Email concerns flying saucers and UFO's the United States government recently released, of course, a batch of all files showing that. Well, yes, there are strange things happening in the skies are pilots have been buzzed by some kind of object that zigzags travels faster than any known object. And Hayes not supposed to be that way. There's no none of our weapons can do this. And so some people say is a cover up, it's aliens after all. So we'll see a few things about that. Well, our lead story today concerns global warming, and well, what set off some of the mass extinctions of the past the skeptics of global warming say that carbon dioxide is actually good for us. I mean after all plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen so plants thrive in a greenhouse where we have lots of carbon dioxide. So what's wrong with having a lush tropical like environment? Well, plenty here's a new report coming out of science magazine. Scientists have done a computer simulation of what might have caused a mass extinction. Two hundred fifty two million years ago. It was one of the greatest mass extinctions in the history of planet earth. Now, we all know that the dinosaurs got wiped out about sixty five million years ago when a commoner meteor slammed into Mexico, but what created the dinosaurs? So the dinosaurs were destroyed by Commodore meteor what catastrophic event set into motion the dinosaur. Evolution. Well, it was this mass extinction. Two hundred fifty two million years ago. Between the Permian and the tree acid era. Something happened which wiped out previous life forms, including the chiller bites ushering in the age of dinosaurs. So in other words, dinosaurs were book ended book ended by something that's set into motion the dinosaur revolution two hundred fifty two million years ago. And then something book ended them and wipe them out sixty five million years ago. Well, here's a new theory. It turns out that two hundred fifty two million years ago, geologist know, that there were gigantic volcanic eruptions on the planet earth, releasing copious amounts of carbon dioxide because that's what comes out of all candidate eruptions, sulfur carbon dioxide noxious gases and with all this carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Well, see rise took place twenty degree rise in the temperature of the oceans, which wiped out many life forms, but more important. The oceans began to lose their oxygen content. And so large aquatic animals could no longer survive. And of course, the food chain depends upon life in the oceans, and so with the loss of oxygen content in the oceans with the rise in temperature by twenty degrees, computer, simulations show that well on the order of ninety six percent of all sealife died as a consequence and seventy percent of land animals also died that is of course, catastrophic that is one of the greatest mass extinctions in the history of the planet earth, and we think it was caused by global warming. And that is with tremendous amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Sea rise took place temperatures rose twenty degrees. And in addition, the oxygen content of the oceans plummeted killing off many sealife to depends upon oxygen. And of course, land animals, depend upon sealife. The report concludes by saying that we could be headed for something not as catastrophic is that but similar that by mid century. We're talking about a gigantic disruption in the ecology of the planet earth because of global warming not on the scale of what happened, of course, two hundred fifty two million years ago, but the United Nations last month. Issued. This rather gloomy report. It was co authored by ninety scientists with six thousand scientists peer reviewing the report talking about what's going to happen between twenty thirty and twenty fifty two at the rate. We're going we're talking about another one and a half degree rise in temperature,.

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