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The drama queen of Democratic Party media on CNN last night hat tip news buster's kind a go but that this is a president who is impulsive and doesn't think through the implications of his actions how does he know this it's absolutely false he's not there with decision making is taking place this again is is a disgusting slander against the present United States but the enemy's watching the enemy loves Jim Acosta the enemy the Democrats the media all have the same interest replacing trump with the Democrats all the same interest go ahead that may work okay for the president when he is looking for a short term political fix on the border looking for short term political fix a on the border between fighting the border issue there for years go ahead it comes to brinkmanship with China on trade and so on said listen to this guy trashes the present on his efforts on the board trash is this president is efforts with China trashes the president's efforts with Iran sought a reporter he's a third rate Hollywood drama queen go ahead this is a very different situation I mean people are saying that I will maybe the Iranians intentionally meant to you know hit it way from these soldiers my goodness what if the Iranians I had had not done that and actually taken out a lot of U. S. troops tonight this could have been a a massive yeah exactly the president should not be defending our embassies the president should not take out the CIS llama **** known on Jim Acosta courses right is any ladies and gentlemen this is a reporter by the way go ahead go ahead you're free of proportions that we just can't fully appreciate and so this was this was a dangerous night at the casino for president trump this is this is a sickening farce that is seen and this is why scene and truly has no ratings no ratings at all they would never talk about a bomb in this way they would never talk about Bernie Sanders this way really appalling and I'm Tony the American people are noticing you don't watch scene and most of you but now you know what Jim Acosta has set you don't watch Chuck Todd most of you but now you know what Chuck Todd is set this is why I play so you know what's going on talk about alternative fax the modern day media the Democrat party media all about alternative fax alternate fax creating their own reality which is an unreality as I've written and we've discussed at great length now and on freedom of the press pseudo events the president is right fake news.

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