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Talk about New York sports. You heard from Dave gentleman for the first time after the Odell Beckham junior trade, and if you were hoping and praying that the giants general manager was going to give you some clarity into his thought process when it comes to the Beckham trade when it comes to the quarterback position when it comes to Yuan manning taking a pay cut. You really did not get a whole lot of that as cattleman did a conference call the media did a sit down with Mike here on the fan. And my main takeaway from hearing Dave Gettleman Monday in this conference call he watched the New York Giants season ago. The Dave Gettleman watch. And dissect the same game by game by game futility that we watched when this team got off to one seven start. I mean somebody's quotes from Dave gentleman. Cook this narrative that allies overpaid and can't play is a crock end quote. Basically taken Eli Manning's five million dollars roster bonus as a mere formality and Mike you being like, good producer and statistician extraordinaire. Let's get this on the record. Because we just look this up in the last break, and I wanna make sure I get my facts straight. No fake news here. Matting is what as far as quarterback rankings with payment is concerned according to over the calf recap hits now total cash seven ties paid quarterback for twenty nine hundred seventh highest paid quarterback for twenty nine hundred sandwich. One about Eli Manning's career shooting. He Beatty seventh highest paid quarterback with the way. He's played the answer is not. So that's simply not the case when it comes to the general manager. Here's another problem. I have with Dave Gettleman. You were the same organization. We charge that made Odal Beckham junior the highest paid receiver in the sport you game that contract. Jerry's not somebody else you did. You were the same general manager that city ergo this team is close. We have a win now mentality. So they signed Beckham they drafted a terrific running back saquon Barkley, and they thought that last year, and we're going to be a good team blew up in face. Now, you see the giants basically China half way. They trade Beckham. Don't Antic Collins. They turned away Olivier Vernon through the more talented players on. Yeah. Giant team that hasn't performed at a high level the last couple of years, but they were three most talented players. You go out and sign a pros pro and golden Tate. Nobody's going to look at going pain say he's on the level. Not 'cause Todo Beckham junior. You bring him back thirty eight year old quarterback you still have no plan for the quarterback of the future. And if you're looking for a positive side out of what you heard from Dave Gettleman, at least finished interview with Mike. He did make it pretty obvious. They're finding that quarterback of the future is something the giants desperately need to do. And that could change perception that could change the entire narrative somewhat of what you're thinking about what this franchise because we all know until they solve that an answer. Who's taken at torch from Eli manning. This state of flux with John organization will continue to linger and one thing that did not sit well with me, and it shouldn't sit well with any giant fan is basically Gettleman Mike laughing about the fact that the last high profile in his prime to be traded was this guy as far as in his in his prime saying. You're saying. Yeah. That's it. And that was. Dave that was an internal fight with Donald grant. And dick young was involved. And there was a lot of ugliness involved and people think that's what's going on here. But you say none of that here. Right. Gosh, Michael, I'm not comparing Beckham to Tom Seaver ridiculously unfair. But if you have any sense for what goes on in this town and look Tom Stevens before my time. I understand that anybody who knows New York sports knows that is one of the all-time wars trades in the history of this town laugh over that. Nah. Not gawk. Not good optic. Hereon giant general managers say we didn't actively shop Beckham junior. We were head over heels over this off a week from Cleveland. I mean, how do you not doing due diligence? Even though you got this offer from John Dorsey and company. How do you not see what else is out there? I'm sorry. I don't really understand what the giant plan is right now. You guys even as the biggest giant fan on the planet could listen Gilman wanna drink the Kool aid go right ahead. Be my guest that plan. Not there my ass because I think the giants zig zag and every which way that going on with Dave Gettleman and the New York Yankees who are about a week and change away from opening day. We know they have some injury issues in that starting rotation. We Severino is gonna miss at least the first month of the year. CC's about the coming back from the knee injury. Not going to be ready for opening day. Yes. You have the Mingo her mind. Yes. Sessa? But it was just too practical. And it just made too much sense. For the New York Yankees to go out and sign another starting pitcher, and they made the ideal perfect move for the back end the rotation setting GIO Gonzalez to minor league contract. He gets a three million dollar contract. If he's on the Yankee roster and look GIO Gonzalez is bro. He's had some good years with the Washington nationals. Here's a left-handed pitcher that always poison Yankee Stadium and for what the Yankees, basically gave -til Gonzales. I mean, how do you my fam- wolf? I'm not saying he's going to be the geo Gonzales that pitches to sub three and a half year old Ray, I think the days GIO Gonzalez bureau, frontline starter probably done. Tell me Gonzales gain come here beat upgradable what the Yankees currently have shirt cat, and it's not going to get in the way of the keys when it comes. They have to let's say in the middle of summer any level starting pitcher. This shouldn't stop you from doing that. Going to take solace time to wrap it up and be ready to go. He's not going to be on this opening. Their us is probably gonna take them at least three to four weeks. But you get a pro's pro a veteran presence back into the rotation. Job. Well, done by Brian Cashman and company if I'm a met fan watching Stephen match pigeon is spraying watched Jason Vargas, I'm wondering for that contract. Was it my team in jail. So GIO Gonzalez. A Yankee an absolute no brainer. Dave Gettleman continuing to be fun me. And I'm sure befuddling a good amount of the giant fans. The gift that keeps on giving. We got a lot more to do. Get eight seven seven hundred thirty seven sixty six sixty six now with the latest CBS sports minute. 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