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Only attack tumor cells or by turning T-cells on, are we sort of doomed to have them be, you know, over over active, but even more active throughout the body and every body system, right? You know, it's it's such the the wonderful promise of the immune system is its selectivity. You know, we, we can get a, we know that the immune system can vary precisely identify signals and only t attack cells that contain those particular signals. Signals are known as antigens t. cells can are, are tailored by the body to respond to particular antigens. And fortunately, cancers can develop on the surface of their cells very selective antigens that t cells can recognize. So when you have a situation like that and the signal on the tease on the on the cancer. That I- dentist it as foreign and identifies it as something that the immune system is able to attack. When that signal is only on the cancer cell. We're all set. Unfortunately, when those those proteins can be in other places in the body, and when those signals are shared by other tissues in the body, that's where you see the harmful side effects. So the that's the goal, find the specific signal and use that to our benefit. Right. And with, would that specific signal change from individual to individual? Absolutely. That's the other thing we know every human being is different. Well, we're going to talk more about about that in a second because it's a big part of the story. You're, we're talking with Dr Monica Burton Yolly. She's president of the American society for Clinical Oncology. And with Jim Allison, he was awarded the twenty eighteen Nobel prize in medicine for his research on cancer immunotherapy. We'll be right back. I'm gonna Chuck awardee. This is on point. NPR's code switch tackles race in identity in America with humanity and humor, you'll laugh. You'll learn, you'll get uncomfortable. It's worth it fine coats which on the NPR one app or wherever you get your podcasts..

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