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So that's COPA seat. Been on his heart powder is different film been. Yeah. Hot powder point. Yeah. Yeah. No actually remember seeing that. Yeah. People people with Lesley Manville. He's starring in. Looks very unlim- Niessen. At least unlike his recent. Yeah. It's it's basically they are an absolutely as the title suggests normal couple who don't go on rampages of revenge typically love each other and have built a life together over many many years, and then she gets a diagnosis of breast cancer and its effects their relationship and their lives. So that looks to be more getting in touch with his acting ability than his, you know, are you saying that he's not acting. I'm saying that he's spending more time in there's other films between acting stints kicking ass and taking names. People by Lisa and Clinton labor and who the good vibrations which came out a few years ago under Northern Irish. So I play. What? Sticking long. Since I've been back home that I've forgotten people say over there. That I really do need some feta. People say, how's your mother is? Your mother mother Marky. Mark says, no. Say Hello to your mother for me. Worst. Keep let keeper let what about you. Let. Litz like that, you know, buzzfeed's. Keep the far within you burning bright. Hear this one. I'm used to say this to be all the time your heads Marley. Marley head some Molly never understood that meant. Bob, Molly Jacob Marley comes from marble suggests that your head is sold glass and his buffing of worth in it. Knock your melt in one. No. But I have heard mushroom your mush, man. Does hungry now. All right. So let's do nothing lose shenanigans. Anything else happening in the world of movie news. Yeah. There's a couple of things actually I don't bring anything, by the way. He's come empty-handed his own party. We can give you something. I've noticed that. He's been slacking off the last few weeks. I checked out. John. I have some sexy released they news. We'll get excited. State changes in the slate. Just that one the woman has been delayed. I believe seven months. It was to be released November twenty nineteen and in June twenty twenty you have won a prize and. There's a saying that they they put the movie where belongs in the original of some release date of of the original. I'm sure it has nothing to do with five of the Star Wars. His outs. Christmastime twenty nineteen probably. Honestly, these things movies burn themselves out now within four. So wonder woman would have been made all his money by point. Nba? Yeah. Yeah. I yeah. This is this is also so they can make the movie as good as it can possibly be sure it's been a long shoot for that one. I hear I don't have any information. But I believe it's been quite a long shoot. And it's it sounds like this moving parts guests I'd say they probably be filming until December. But. I don't know. That's coming completely out of thin air over. Sure. But there's a lot of stuff to to to do the special effects. They have to fix Chris pines face. Yes. It's too beautiful that actually breaks screens. Really does do something big Alcott's face as well. The who wants to? Look at those two for two hours nightmare. The interesting thing about this is it goes into the slot that the six billion dollar man once had this. Mark will bugs remake of the six million dollar, man. This is so that six billion dollar man now doesn't have a release date which sorry shooting. It doesn't have anything. Marky, Mark, perhaps that doesn't need anything. Has a pretty tight schedule. You know, he's his no time said v. Film into three showers. No word on. That's incredible. His say film six. Perhaps between opening mail and spending time with family, whatever. Free four hour showers. Smell that much? A lot of work. So we do that we act do. Talking about. Lost your mind. Anymore?.

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