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What went on behind the scenes? Jack that we tried to shield you from is there were a lot of moments like that? Where there would be matchups, or his advisers would give him ups, and then Larry or I would have to go to the clubhouse and say hey. Who's in the lineup today? Are you thinking about catching Redmond giving Pudge Day off? This is because winning in New York Shea Stadium was critical for us because he didn't like the mats and wanted to win and you're. You were very difficult in those situations. Jack, because you really didn't care. One suggested in any way. Time except me had to deliver that message. Back to Jeff for all. The I. Ever I never looked at. All I can say. Is that A wall of all clubs I've ever worked for you Jeffrey and the whole organization. That never bothered me I mean it was nobody coming in and telling you how to do this added. We hired you do the job. Get us to the world series Ns what I did, but no one ever bothered me but I tell people. How difficult is it? I said that was easiest club I work with. They were great. It was like a family. Run by? Let me do the job and. I don't think they criticises they may. Be Back but I didn't care I look. David. How is this just a Jack Semo? And how much was it true when it just came to Jack Jack Jack Probably bought a lot of capital especially without world series with you guys, but that goes against the narrative of your your meddling ownership so I think that. was after three as we went into Oh, four, no five. We struggled those years and we kept thinking. We had a team that we thought could get it done in five, and it just became a struggle. We couldn't recapture that Oh three magic and I think Jack would agree that. The season was just a big disappointment and I think that if you look to a Game Jack, that defined that Oh five season, and where the frustration level had just boiled over would be that game. Game in Houston with Clemens against pitching against on trial. Do you remember that Game Jack? Oh I remember that game I was at a coldplay concert name for theater, and you guys weren't wildcard chase, and we absolutely needed that game, and I was so worried that we were playing clements, who I thought I'd seen retire and got out of my seat and gave them a super nice gesture. All Terrible Baseball fans here in Florida, doing the right thing, and then all of a sudden. Guys eliminating when the playoffs that was a massive game. Who Started? That was Dontrelle Burnett pitched. Nick Yeah it was. Photographic memory while I was at a coldplay concert. Yeah, that was that was the most heartbreaking loss of that season David's. We were family. Jack. You were you we were family and that's something that you don't hear talked about with the marlins now since the sale that that's sort of family, atmosphere has definitely away Jack or there's no question and you go back to five fifteen. We didn't have that we didn't have that FAMILY GROUP IT WE! We had a group that was probably another year. We can straighten it out only thing I just point. Point I should have been demanding open. That's need him. Now would have been one of you would have been a success while Jack was brought back after a retirement. David can you walk through quickly? What how this decision came about because as Marlins. Fan I obviously love N.. A world series champion back in the Dugout, but Jack was getting older, and this was certainly a curious decision kind of went on a little run. There, knoller elevated go right back now. One bit. David Jack. It's what happened after Oh five as you know. He went through a bunch of managers and were looking for Jack. That's the bottom line. We spent the rest of our careers chasing Jack and there's a little nod to chase you name me, and that's really what we were doing trying to find someone who could bring that respect to the clubhouse. Bring that understanding of how we like to operate. Who is willing to do it the way he wanted, but understood that dealing with me dealing with Jeffrey dealing with Larry, dealing with Mike Kill. It was all part of the job and. And we were going through another managerial change. And Jeffrey said You know what what about Jack You know you know I'm still with us. We still talk and I said listen I, you know we have to talk to him. But the rigors of the game or hard, and the travels hard and I was worried about Jack's age and we spoke to Jack and Jack was ready to go, and so we made that switch, and I remember walking into the clubhouse your first day back for round two Jack. It felt it felt really good while I enjoyed. Come back and like I said. I realized coming back this time. Hey, in all. I don't think I can work at magic with the club. We had at that time, but I did remember one thing of preaching to the guys. Hey if we get the five hundred, we're GONNA take off, and we got the five hundred. If you remember and all of a sudden Ramirez went down second baseman than fun thing down a pitcher went down, and we had nothing to bring up, and that killed us right there. That was the end of that, but I firmly believe am. I GONNA turn that around to having a winning season, maybe not making the playoffs at least having a winning season, but unfortunately didn't work out. To, talk to you sick with the with the marlins organization as a described. What's been described as a luminary? Let's fast forward a little bit, too. Conversation start happening and it seems as Oh. Jeffrey Loria is going to sell the team. Derek jeeter than gets the team and controversially. Let's go of these marlins legends. Tony Perez Andre Dawson and and you're among them. How did you obviously this is an awkward conversation? David had to have it to you. Maybe I'll. I'll see to David here. David Wonka's through. What exactly happens there and? And the heartbreaking conversation you have to Jack So gener knew that we had Dawson. Peres, Conan Jack and they were assistants. Co Nine Resin Dawson. Their titles were Assistant to the president specialist system to the President Jack title that time was Special Assistant to the owner was Jaffrey, and when you're selling a team, their lists of people and what their job titles are and what their salaries are. Are and I was told pretty early on during the process with Derek that that was going be for those. We're going to be four positions that he was gonna not continuous and I explained that I think you'll be why sue. These are people connected to the history of the Marlins Jack won the world series. Jeff is Mr Marlin and Andrei Tony to hall of famers. These are two. Two legends WHO WILL DRESS DURING SPRING TRAINING? They'll be helpful. They'll go to the minor leagues and look at your players..

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