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City to a worldwide audience coming up we'll take a look at the global investment banking business earnings are kicking off today we had city group got more of the big companies coming in this week we'll take a look plus we'll break down Chinese economic data it is slowing but we'll see by how much but first let's go to Gregg Jarrett of Bloomberg news for a Bloomberg business class rank structure makes Paul at the start of a very busy week for corporate earnings economic data and federal reserve speakers treasuries are gaining well dressed dollars little changed China's economy slowed to the week's patients quarterly data began in nineteen ninety two amid the ongoing trade standoff US do Madison MetLife tells Bloomberg the world is seeing this bill over at this point world and you haven't quite seen in the U. S. yet because our labor market is still ridiculously strong but yeah to find I think the trade wars beginning to the head and it's probably one of the reasons why you know put the ocean Turner moving back toward the Goshen table we check the markets every fifteen minutes throughout the trading day on Bloomberg radio the S. and P. five hundred is little changed down one the Dow is little changed down six and the nasdaq is little changed one the ten years down cheese means up seven thirty seconds of the of the two point zero nine percent West Texas intermediate crude up a tenth of a percent to sixty thirty barrel comics gold of the tenth of a percent fourteen fourteen twenty announced the valley and one oh seven eighty seven the euro dollar twelve sixty six and the British pound a dollar twenty five thirty Symantec and Broadcom have halted their discussions for proposed merger as the two sides couldn't agree on a price this according to sources semantic shares fell as much as nineteen percent to twenty one seventy right now about twelve point three percent that is a Bloomberg business slash Bloomberg markets is under way with Lisa and Paul thank.

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