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So this feels like in this race in the Globes race, it feels like Mahershala Richard E grant and Sam Rockwell or sort of the contenders. Yes, I chose Mahershala who did you choose. Here's what I wrote down Marsha Ali in parentheses. But maybe I will change this to Sam Rockwell, which was me lack late last night trying to I think, you're right. I think it will be Marcia we both agreed again the Globes kinda do though what sitting right in front of them are Herschel has been the favourite. I think there will be some misplaced guilt about this movie. And how this character was handled and wanting to put a vote of confidence in the actor. And he's he is just so charismatic even given the many problems that have come to light in this particular character as well as. Movie in general, this Sam Rockwell performance is just so a best supporting actor candy performance in a way that I could see it happening again. Even if he won last year, they really like flashy recognizable that person's working. And that is I mean, he's hilarious. I I, you know, it's very it's very close to what they like. To reward is famous guy imitating famous guy in a kind of a rollicking role. That is essential to the movie, but doesn't take up too much space and Rockwell. I think is fun. And they know that he's gonna he would give a fun speech. You know, mersal like talking about green book on stage. I think it would be quite complicated. It'd be interesting to hear how he would accept an award in the face of some of the criticism of the movie, he's obviously been very thoughtful about that in his talking about in the last couple of months, so we'll see what happens. I think that this category is sort of the the inverse this reporter. Opposite of supporting actress, which is like it's five pretty good performances from five people you like, but they just don't feel all that powerful. Whereas the five performances in best actress and supporting role or like elemental to the movie, and they're really really strong, and they drive the movie you're you're making like the yes, of course, I have you. Face me right now. Sorry. Yes. I mean, that's that's how men's and women's roles work in Hollywood. Anyway. Thank you. Shall we? Go to the next category. Yes, let's switch it up. Speaking of we'll let the men go. First this time great here is best actor in a motion picture musical or comedy. The nominees are Christian Bill for vice Lin Manuel. Miranda for Mary Poppins returns, Vigo Mortenson for green book Raba Redford for the old man and the gun and John rally for standard Ali another weird category. I don't know. I lament woman is not supporting actor. I don't either shouldn't he be supporting actor. I think so. But I suppose they can choose whatever category to run in. And I assume the thinking was since the supporting actors are all in one category. You have less of a shot at nomination. But when it's broken out to drama and musical comedy. He has more shot at nomination and low here. He is good point. It's interesting that he's not really in the conversation that all for best actor for the Oscars. I haven't I haven't seen his name on any any ballots. Yeah. I would agree though. That makes sense. Yeah. I. He's very likable. Yeah. Yeah. Again, it's weird. If he didn't let them write the songs because then he would just went all of the song categories. But anyway, I think categorizing vice as a comedy means the bills lock your eighty. Do you agree? Yes. We are doing a wins pool later this week..

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